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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Peanuts in Winter

Wasif Chudhary

The season of Cold breeze and fog is arrived here in Pakistan. People of all age are feeling coldness and they start wearing Wool made sweaters and jerseys along with beautiful and colourful uppers and jackets.
When you rise early then you can also see a little bit fog on the sky. The fever, flue and other diseases are also come with winter. The greenery is prevailing if we look outside our rooms window.
A major thing which I forget to share is blankets, yeh blankets.People start using blankets and also heaters to warm their rooms and houses. Some birds also start migration to other areas of the country and the continent.
Small girls and boys of Nursery and beginning classes looks so cute and pretty when they catch they are on the way to catch their school bus. They looks tumbling with the cold of the morning and a fog like air which comes out from there mouths when they breath.
Hot recipes are a way to enjoy this winter. Peanut is the taste of winter.

Great Winter We Welcome You

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  1. i love peanuts.. to have peanuts in severe winter nights, lying in the warm bed with a razai to cover,. love it...