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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Once Upon a Time...

Wasif Chudhary

Once Upon a time there lived a snake in one part of the forest. The snake was very clever and very selfish. There was a Lion also in the same forest. Lion is known as the King of the forest and it has the potential to do each and every thing of his like. He always chair the meeting of the forest.
Fox is also very popular and clever part of the forest. It always looks to make his relations with the powerful block.
The friend ship of Lion and Mouse is also very popular in the stories but you hardly listened about the friendship of the Snake and the Lion.
Lion and snake always in search of their own interests but somehow the friendship starts between them. The Snake always demand from his partner Lion, a hunt which it could use as a food for itself. In return the Lion demand from the snake, poison which it could use against him one day. The snake was unaware about this fact that why the Lion is storing his dangerous poision But everybody in the forest knew that both of them are not real friends and using one an other for their purpose and one day this friendship will come to an end.

Despite both of them have very good friendship but the snake,s problem is, that it could not change its nature. He always watch for the right time to bite his best friend. When ever the lion went to his cottage for taking rest the Snake tries to bite him. Some times he succeed in his attempt, but the lion did,not ask him any thing because the lion wants some thing different from the Snake so he waits for the right time for his turn. You know one thing that the Snake damages many parts of the Lion but the Great Lion did not pay any attention to it. Because It wants some thing different. All other citizens of that forest demands from Lion to control the brutality of the Snake, but the Lion did not pay any attention to the demand of its citizens.
But one day the Lion thought that if it continues to allow the Snake to attack him.
What happend after that I will tell you in the next Edition of this Story......
to be continued


  1. wow.. nice story.. i think i can trace who are the friends you are referring to.. anyway GL with the other part of the story.. so far so good..

  2. Thanks for your appreciation my dear....