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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Egypt arrests Christian over Muhammad drawing

Wasif Chudhary

CAIRO — Egyptian authorities have detained a Coptic Christian student accused of posting a drawing of Islam's prophet on Facebook that triggered two days of violence in southern Egypt.
Gamal Massoud has been accused by fellow students of ridiculing the Prophet Muhammad.
According to a security official, the 17-year-old student denies that and says friends posted the picture on his Facebook page. The official spoke Saturday on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the press.
Since Wednesday, villagers have attacked Massoud's house while chanting "Allahu akbar," or "God is Great."

New Year's Eve 2012: Celebrations start in Pacific

Wasif Chudhary

Revellers around the world are celebrating the end of 2011 and starting to see in 2012.

Sydney heralded the new year with a 15-minute multi-million dollar firework display at midnight (13:00 GMT).

In Hong Kong the countdown to 2012 was made in giant illuminated numbers on the side of a skyscraper facing the harbour.

Samoa and Tokelau were the first to celebrate after jumping across the international dateline.

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In pictures: New Year 2012
As the clock struck midnight at the end of 29 December, the two South Pacific island nations fast-forwarded to 31 December, missing out on 30 December entirely.

Samoa announced the decision in May, to improve ties with major trade partners Australia and New Zealand. Neighbouring Tokelau decided to follow suit in October.

Tourists and locals partied throughout Saturday as Samoa revelled in being the first country to ring in the new year, rather than the last.

Second skier dies in another B.C. avalanche

Wasif Chudhary

A heliskier has died in an avalanche near Revelstoke, B.C. - the second skier to die in a B.C. avalanche in as many days.

The skier died Friday, RCMP said. The skier was reportedly one of four skiers buried by the avalanche from a group of 11, according to Cpl. Dan Moskaluk.

RCMP could not be immediately reached for comment Saturday morning, but told local media Friday night that a male skier on a heli-skiing excursion died in a human-triggered avalanche at a location approximately 35 kilometres southeast of Revelstoke. The victim was one of four people buried in the avalanche, according to the Revelstoke Times Review.

Cpl. Moskaluk did confirm the victim was not from the Revelstoke area.

On Thursday, a veteran Whistler ski patroller died north of Pemberton, B.C., after an avalanche swept him through rough terrain and trees.

RCMP confirmed the deceased is Duncan MacKenzie, 30, of Whistler.

Four people were skiing in the Caspar Creek area north of Pemberton when the avalanche hit Thursday afternoon around 3:30 p.m. Avalanche warnings had been in effect in the area since Wednesday.

Iran delays missile test

Wasif Chudhary

Iran delayed promised long-range missile tests in the Gulf on Saturday and Tehran signaled it was ready for fresh talks on its disputed nuclear program.

Iran's state media initially reported early on Saturday that long-range missiles had been launched during naval exercises, a move that may irk the West concerned over threats by Tehran to close off a vital oil shipping route in the Gulf.

But Deputy Navy Commander Mahmoud Mousavi later went on the English language Press TV channel to deny the missiles had in fact been fired.

"The exercise of launching missiles will be carried out in the coming days," he said.

Ten days of Iranian naval drills have coincided with increased tension over Tehran's nuclear program with Washington and its allies. The European Union said it was considering a ban - already in place in the United States - on imports from the major oil producer.

Analysts say the conflicting reports on the missile test aimed to remind the West of the unforeseen consequences it risked if it ratcheted up pressure on Iran over its nuclear work, which the West says is aimed at building nuclear bombs. Tehran denies this.

"The location and the timing of the drill were very shrewd ... then came reports on launching missiles that can target America's bases in the region and Israel," said analyst Hamid Farahvashian.

"One of the messages was that you mess with Iran, then you stand to suffer from economic havoc," he said. "Iranians have always used this method of carrot and stick ... first they used the stick of closing Hormuz and now the carrot is its willingness for talks."

An EU spokesman said EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton wrote to Iran's nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili in October and had not yet had a response. But the European Union was open to meaningful talks with Tehran provided there were no preconditions.

"We continue to pursue our twin-track approach and are open for meaningful discussions on confidence-building measures, without preconditions from the Iranian side," EU foreign policy spokesman, Michael Mann, said in an email.

Tehran threatened on Tuesday to stop the flow of oil through the Strait of Hormuz if it became the target of an oil embargo over its nuclear ambitions, a move that could trigger military conflict with countries dependent on Gulf oil.

Iranian Oil Minister Rostam Qasemi said imposing sanctions on Iran's oil exports would lead to a leap in prices.

"Undoubtedly the price of crude will increase dramatically if sanctions are imposed on our oil ... It will reach at least over $200 per barrel," the Aseman weekly quoted Qasemi on Saturday as saying.

Reports on Iran threatening to close the strait of Hormuz by Iran were enough to send tremors through oil markets and spike the price of oil.


Iran's show of military might in the Gulf was reflected in the scale of the exercises, which Iranian media said were greater than previous war games. However, Iran test-fired its surface-to-surface Shahab-3 missile during 2009 exercises. It is thought to be capable of striking Israel and U.S. bases in the Middle East.

Washington has expressed concern about Tehran's missiles, which include the Shahab-3 strategic intermediate range ballistic missile with a range of up to 1,000 km (625 miles), the Ghadr-1 with an estimated 1,600 km range and a Shahab-3 variant known as Sajjil-2 with a range of up to 2,400 km.

Iranian media have given a massive coverage to the drill, with state television broadcasting live in an apparent attempt to strike a patriotic chord among ordinary Iranians concerned about a military strike.

The United States and Israel have not ruled out a military option if diplomacy fails to resolve Iran's nuclear dispute.

"I have already witnessed a war with Iraq in 1980s ... I can hear the drum beating of the war. A misfired bullet can spark a serious war," said merchant Mohsen Sanaie, 62, while glancing over newspapers headlines at a central Tehran newsstand.

He warily pointed at the headline of the Sharq newspaper "Power rally in the Strait of Hormuz," and the Vatan-e Emruz daily's "The Bermuda Strait of Hormuz" headline, a reference to the treacherous waters of the so-called Bermuda Triangle.

The Strait of Hormuz, a crucial route for 40 percent of the world's oil shipment, is in Iran and Oman's territorial waters. However, under international maritime law it is considered as open to international navigation and shutting it down would we seen as an act of war.

The U.S. Fifth Fleet said it would not allow any disruption of traffic in the world's most important oil route, which connects the biggest Gulf oil producers, including Saudi Arabia, with the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea. At its narrowest point, it is 21 miles across.

Analysts say choking off the strait will hurt Iran's oil-dependent economy, particularly when OPEC member Saudi Arabia has pledged to compensate for any shortages in Iran's crude exports to Europe.

Russia and China, Iran's main allies that have protected it from stronger U.N. sanctions, also have no interest in seeing the oil traffic disrupted in the Gulf and favor resolving the nuclear dispute through talks.


Iranian media reported that Jalili would write to the European Union's Ashton to express Tehran's readiness for fresh nuclear talks with major powers.

"Jalili will soon send a letter to Catherine Ashton over the format of negotiations ... then fresh talks will take place with major powers," said Iran's ambassador to Germany Alireza Sheikh Attar, the semi-official Mehr news agency reported.

Talks between Iran and the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council, the United States, Russia, China, Britain and France, plus Germany (P5+1) stalled in January.

Iran has to date ignored U.N. Security Council demands to halt its sensitive nuclear work, and the threat to close the strait has been seen as a clear sign of the clerical establishment's concern over the prospect of harsher sanctions. Tehran has in the past threatened to close the waterway only if attacked by the United States and Israel.

"Raising the volume on threats by Iranians clearly shows that they are worried about losing petrodollars on which the country's economy depends on by more than 60 percent," said a senior western diplomat in Tehran, who asked not to be named.

Decision of Marriage: After 33 Years of Love

Wasif Chudhary

A British Couple Who is 170 years of age altogether has decided to Marriage after 33 years of Love affair. Veera Larence who is 93 years old has is going to married on Sunday with Bob Vital who is 84 years old now.
Bob vital said that when he watched first time Veera then I fall in his love and we came to know at the spot that we are for each other.
On the other hand Veera said that I think I asked for marriage first. A person who is arranging this event said that they both are very happy.

Friday, 30 December 2011

The Upper House rejected Lok Pal Bill

Wasif Chudhary

The Indian Rajia Saba did not pass the Famous Lok Pal Bill. Before this the Lower House had passed the Lok Pal Bill.The Jan Lokpal Bill, also referred to as the citizens' ombudsman bill, is a proposed independent anti-corruption law in India. Anti-corruption social activists proposed it as a more effective improvement to the original Lokpal bill, which is currently being proposed by the Government of India.
In April 2011, civil activist Anna Hazare started a Satyagraha movement by commencing an indefinite fast in New Delhi to demand the passing of the bill.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Indian Lok Saba Pass Lok Pal Bil

Wasif Chudhary

The lower house of the parliament passed the Lokpal bill on Tuesday to create an anti-corruption ombudsman, in a move the government hopes will deflate a protest movement whose leader Anna Hazare has tapped into widespread anger at corrupt public officials.

Geo News and PPPP Ministers Clashes and Soft Tone

Wasif Chudhary

Geo News is one of the most famous channel of Pakistan, The Viewer Ship of Geo News is almost more than any other News Channel of Pakistan. Some Programs of Geo News Like Capital Talk and Aj Kamran Khan k Sath are some of the Famous Programs of Geo News.
A day before this channel was against the Wrong Policies of Peoples Party Government. The Hosts of these Programs especially Hamid Mir and Kamran Khan are one of those hosts who criticised the wrong political and economic policies of the Govt.
But Today after the Address of President Zardari on the Occasion of Benazir Bhautto,s Death Anniversary the Tone and analysis of The famous anchorpersons of Geo News is totally changed. Yesterday all these hosts are heavily bombarding this Govt but what happen today is some thing which is important thing.
Is there back channel Diplomacy?

Monday, 26 December 2011

A Day After Christmas

Wasif Chudhary

Retailers liken the day after Christmas to Black Friday. The massive return and refund day is set to get started Monday morning.

Chesterfield Mall is quiet early Monday morning, but that certainly won’t be the case later in the day. All kinds of customers are sure to make their way to retailers across the country.

From Christmas returns to shoppers using gift cards, to others looking for attractive day-after-Christmas sales, malls are sure to be packed.
Many stores will be opening early. Some opened as early as 5:00am. Chesterfield Mall officially opens at 8:00am, but some of the major stores opened at 7:00am.

This could be a banner day after Christmas shopping day for retailers.

A survey done by the National Retail Federation in mid-December predicted a 3.8% rise in holiday sales to a record $469.1 billion.

The site ShopperTrak predicts that foot traffic at stores Monday will be up 60 percent compared to the day after Christmas last year.

An American Express survey says 57 percent of Americans plan to shop on this day after Christmas compared with 43 percent last year.

Experts say one reason for the expected big shopping day Monday, compared with last year is that it falls on a Monday instead of a Sunday when many people spend time with family.

Another reason is that some people are delaying at least a portion of their holiday spending until after Christmas.

Additionally, many people have Monday off work.

For those returning items Monday, experts with Consumer Reports are advising customers to keep stickers, labels and tags intact. Most importantly, if you’re going to return something, try and have that receipt

Consumer Reports Senior Editor Todd Marks explains, “Without a gift receipt or a regular receipt, you're going to get back either a merchandise credit, or you're going to be reimbursed the lowest amount the item sold for, not necessarily what you paid for it.”

Consumer Reports also says some retailers will allow you to return or exchange merchandise that was bought online in their regular stores. Check the store’s website for details.

When it comes to electronics, you could face a repackaging fee if you try and take back any opened item.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Happy Birthday Dear Quaid

Wasif Chudhary

Today is 25th of December which is the Birthday of Our dear leader Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was Born in 25th of december 1876 in Karachi.
Allama Iqbal gave a vision to the Muslims of Subcontinent and Quaid-i-Azam fullfill this beautiful dream and vision of Iqbal in the shape of Pakistan.
Happy Birth day Dear Quaid

PTI leaders addressing Karachi rally

Wasif Chudhary

KARACHI: The public meeting of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has begun with its leaders addressing the tens and thousands of cheerful crowd carrying national and party flags near Mazar-e-Qauid.

Earlier, PTI Chief Imran Khan arrived at the venue of Karachi rally amid vociferous slogans and cheers of his fans and supporters.

The rally was started with the recitation of the Holy Quran while National anthem was played after the arrival of the party chief.

Tens of thousands of cheerful participants predominantly comprising the youth have gathered at the venue of the Jalsa to support Imran Khan who has promised to break the status quo and bring about 'change' in the country.

The number of participants is rising as the time for the final speech of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chief Imran Khan closes in.

The atmosphere at the rally is highly charged as the participants carrying national and PTI flags are chanting slogans in favour of Imran Khan and Tehreek-e-Insaf. Many youths are also dancing to the beat of drums to celebrate the occasion.

Shah Memoood Qureshi, Javed Hashmi, Jagangir Tareen, Khursheed Kasuri and other PTI leaders are also present on the main stage along with the PTI Chief Imran Khan.

National anthem was played after the arrival of the party chief.

The main area has been divided into four sections - one section for women, another for families, the third for youths and the fourth for the general public.

A dedicated gate has been set up for the entry of media personnel, for whom a separate seating arrangement has also been made. The main stage has been divided into an upper part and a lower part. The upper stage has been arranged for the party's central leaders, who have come from across the country.

Four points in the city have been set up where the PTI's workforce will help direct traffic. These will be at Nishtar Park, Taekwando at old Numaish, the City District Government parking plaza and Kashmir Road.

35 shuttle services have been set up to pick and drop people to the venue. Aside from the security provided by the government, the party has arranged for some 1,500 security workers, who will be deployed in and around the rally venue.

What is Christmas

Wasif Chudhary

Christmas or Christmas Day is an annual commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ, celebrated generally on December 25 as a religious and cultural holiday by billions of people around the world. A feast central to the Christian liturgical year, it closes the Advent season and initiates the twelve days of Christmastide. Christmas is a civil holiday in many of the world's nations,is celebrated by an increasing number of non-Christians, and is an integral part of the Christmas and holiday season.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Breaking: Huge Asset Javed Hashmi joins Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

Wasif Chudhary

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) firebrand leader Makhdoom Javed Hashmi has reached the Multan airport and announced that he is joining Pakistan Tehreek-eInsaf (PTI) Saturday, Geo News reported.

Before leaving for Multan airport, PML-N workers blocked the road outside his house to prevent him reaching the airport. Workers were chanting slogans and expressed their solidarity with the party and the senior leader.

However, Hashmi was successful in reaching the airport to catch his flight for Karachi where PTI chief Imran Khan is likely to receive him at the Karachi airport.

While talking exclusively to Geo News earlier on Friday, Hashmi said that he would decide about joining PTI after consulting with his comrades here in his constituency. He told that he and Imran Khan were in talks on the same.

To a question regarding his party’s reaction on this development, a disillusioned Hashmi said that he had conveyed his reservations to the party leadership.

He told Geo News that he had talked to Mian Nawaz Sharif on the phone and Kulsoom Nawaz in person to discus his change of mind.

He said that PTI could bring about a big change in the country, but how big a change would it be was hard to comment on beforehand.

"I also long for a change, and that's exactly what I was up to now", said he.

He said he never practised the 'politics of/for power', rather 'politics of/for people', adding he was not considering joining PTI for securing a 'commanding position' or a ‘prominent portfolio’.

Commenting on Shah Mehmood Qureshi, he said that if he and Qureshi were on the same side they could work miracles.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Two Brothers: Pakistan Bangladesh

Wasif Chudhary

Yesterday I was watching a Cricket Match between Pakistan and Bangladesh. I am a big fan of Cricket. But when ever I watch the match of Pakistan and Bangladesh, I don't know that why I feel boring. But When yesterday I was watching the game between the Two Countries, that time I realize that when two brothers fight for one Medal than the match is not acceptable and enjoyable for the family members. They wish that both of the brothers sit on a table and live like very good friends.
That is the case with Pakistan and Bangladesh that they are real brothers which are angry with each other because of some personal issues. But believe me they love each other very much.

North Korea: Kim Jong-un 'to share power with his uncle'

Wasif Chudhary
Kim Jong-un, North Korea's new leader, will share power with an uncle and the military after the death of his father Kim Jong-il as the isolated country shifts to collective rule from strongman dictatorship, according to reports.

The source, with close ties to Pyongyang and Beijing, told Reuters that the military, which is trying to develop a nuclear arsenal, has pledged allegiance to the untested Kim Jong-un who takes over the family dynasty that has ruled North Korea since it was founded after world War Two.
The source also said Beijing was only notified of Kim's death earlier on Monday, the same day that North Korean state television broadcast the news. Kim died on Saturday.
The source declined to be identified but has correctly predicted events in the past, telling Reuters about the North's first nuclear test in 2006 before it took place.
The situation in North Korea appeared stable after the military gave its backing to Kim's son and successor, Kim Jong-un, the source said.
"It's very unlikely," the source said when asked about the possibility of a military coup. "The military has pledged allegiance to Kim Jong-un."

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Down Fall of Pakistan Economy

Wasif Chudhary
Fiscal years 2002-2008 will always be recalled as one of the most turbulent years in Pakistan,s economic history. Amid this year several records were broken not in terms of progress or development but rather in increased double figure inflation which was recorded 12% illustrious since 1990-91. Productivity crisis in manufacturing sector was another addition in this record. Oil crisis, emanating water predicament; all these factors accelerated Pakistan,s coarse towards economic devastation adversely affecting all sectors.
Amid 2007-2008 Karachi Stock Exchange 100 index and its capitalization market endured a decline of more than 10% over the previous year. The current account gap and trade gap were recorded at 14.1 of GDP in 2007-2008 and 15.3% highest ever. Continuation of this trend in economic sector can emerge as single most undermining factor for economic nonplus. Trade deficit in 2007-2008 remained 53% on account of rising prices of petroleum products and decline of textile industry in Pakistan.

Monday, 19 December 2011

15 more survivors from asylum boat found

Wasif Chudhary

Fifteen survivors from a boat which sank in heavy seas off East Java have been found safe and well, and an Indonesian official in charge of the search is hopeful that more may be found alive.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Last U.S. troops leave Iraq as war ends

Wasif Chudhary

KHABARI CROSSING, Kuwait (AP) – The last U.S. soldiers rolled out of Iraq across the border into neighboring Kuwait at daybreak Sunday, whooping, fist bumping and hugging each other in a burst of joy and relief. Their convoy's exit marked the end of a bitterly divisive war that raged for nearly nine years and left Iraq shattered, with troubling questions lingering over whether the Arab nation will remain a steadfast U.S. ally.
The mission cost nearly 4,500 American and well more than 100,000 Iraqi lives and $800 billion from the U.S. Treasury. The question of whether it was worth it all is yet unanswered.
The last convoy of MRAPs, heavily armored personnel carriers, made a largely uneventful journey out except for a few equipment malfunctions along the way. It was dark and little was visible through the MRAP windows as they cruised through the southern Iraqi desert.
In the final days, U.S. officials acknowledged the cost in blood and dollars was high, but tried to paint a picture of victory.
Keep in mind they just tried to paint a picture of victory

Saturday, 17 December 2011

FIFA Threatens to Suspend Switzerland Unless Sanctions Placed on FC Sion

Wasif Chudhary

FIFA has threatened to suspend Switzerland from international soccer next month if its national federation does not enforce a transfer ban on club FC Sion.
The ban was imposed in 2009 after Sion broke regulations in signing goalkeeper Essam El-Hadary. The club signed six new players last summer and used five of them in a Europa League playoff victory over Celtic, resulting in Sion being kicked out of the competition.
Sion originally obtained an order from a Swiss court requesting its re-instatement, which European soccer governing body UEFA rejected. The club also lodged several appeals in the courts before taking its case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, which this week upheld UEFA’s ruling.
FIFA told the Swiss Football Association it has until Jan. 13 to sanction the club or risk being suspended. Soccer’s ruling body said in a statement on its website that it set the deadline because of the “attitude of the club repeatedly trying to circumvent this decision in a legally abusive manner.”
FIFA said “all matches in which the relevant players participated shall be declared forfeit or three points shall be deducted respectively” and the Swiss F.A. “will be automatically suspended from 14 January 2012” if the deadline is not met.
“We are disappointed,” Swiss F.A. President Peter Gillieron said in comments on the federation’s website. “In every event, we will do everything we can to clean up this situation.”
A ban would mean Swiss club Basel would not be able to play Bayern Munich in the Champions League round of 16 and Switzerland’s national team would be barred from an exhibition game against Argentina in February.

Who is Mansoor Ijaz

Wasif Chudhary

Mansoor Ijaz (born 1961) is an American businessman of Pakistani Ancestry. He is an investment banker and media commentator, mostly in relation to Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan. He is the founder and chairman of Crescent Investment Management LLC, a New York investment partnership since 1990 that includes retired General James Alan Abrahamson, former director of President Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative. Ijaz has had ties to former CIA Director James Woolsey. Ijaz is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.
Mansoor Ijaz was born in Tallahassee, Florida and grew up on a farm in rural Virginia. Ijaz received his bachelor's degree in nuclear physics from the University of Virginia in 1983 and master's degree in mechanical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1985, where he was trained as a neural sciences engineer. His father, Dr. Mujaddid Ahmad Ijaz, was a theoretical physicist who played a major role in nuclear detterence development throughout 1970s and 1980s, and was a pioneering figure in the designing of the weapons.
Ijaz developed CARAT, a currency, interest rate and equity risk management system. He started his own investment firm in 1990. Away from Crescent's daily business affairs, Ijaz serves on the College Foundation Board of Trustees at the University of Virginia and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.
Media commentator
He used to appear regularly on a variety of financial and political news programs for CNN, Fox News, BBC, Germany’s ARD TV, Japan’s NHK, ABC[disambiguation needed ] and NBC. He has commented for PBS’ Newshour with Jim Lehrer , and ABC News Nightline with Ted Koppel. Ijaz has been featured twice in Barron's Currency Roundtable discussions. He has also contributed to the editorial pages of London’s Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, The International Herald Tribune, Newsweek International, The Christian Science Monitor, The Weekly Standard, National Review, USA Today, and the Times of India. He endorsed views in the period prior to the Iraq War, later proven to be false, that included the presence of WMDs in Iraq and ties between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda. Among other topics, he commented on the Osama bin Laden and Nuclear Proliferation.
Iran Nuke Exclusive
In 2006, in an interview with Gulf News, he made the world exclusive claim that Iran already had a nuclear bomb and that US think-tanks were already formulating strategies to overthrow the Iranian Government

Kobe Bryant’s Wife Vanessa Files for Divorce

Wasif Chudhary

Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant’s wife Vanessa has filed for divorce after 10 years of marriage.
Court documents cite irreconcilable differences between the couple. Online reports say the couple, who met when Kobe Bryant was 21 and his future wife was 18, had no pre-nuptial agreement, so half of the money Bryant made over his years with the Lakers will go to his wife.
The Bryants have been married since 2001 and have two daughters together: Natalia, 8, and Gianna, 5. According to the legal documents, Vanessa Bryant asked for joint legal and physical custody of the girls when she filed for divorce on Dec. 1, and her husband did the same in response.
“The Bryants have resolved all issues incident to their divorce privately with the assistance of counsel and a judgment dissolving their marital status will be entered in 2012,” read a statement released by a representative for the couple.
In 2003, Bryant was accused of sexually assaulting a 19-year-old woman who worked at a hotel in Colorado where Bryant was staying. Bryant admitted to having sex with the woman, but insisted it was consensual.
Vanessa Bryant stood by her husband during the scandal, releasing a statement that read, “”I know that my husband has made a mistake — the mistake of adultery. He and I will have to deal with that within our marriage, and we will do so. He is not a criminal.”
The charges against Bryant were dropped a year later because the accuser did not want to go ahead with a trial. The NBA star bought his wife a $4 million ring during the scandal.
The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Take a Look: Britney Spears and Jason Trawick's First Engagement Photo

Wasif Chudhary

Britney Spears and Jason Trawick smooching, a clear shot of the diamond and some cake...could this picture be any better?!

The soon-to-be newlyweds were gracious enough to show the camera some love while celebrating Trawick's 40th birthday at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas (and a pretty nice photo op for the ring, too. Even if it's not that subtle.).

Looking pretty good, don't you think?

MORE: It's Really Happening: Britney Spears Confirms Her Engagement!

"Still glowing! About to jump on a plane to Planet Hollywood in Vegas. Throwing a Bday Party for Jason at Chateau Night Club. So fun. Xxoo," Britney tweeted on Friday, and soon afterward we found out that they'd also be celebrating their engagement!

So what were the two lovebirds up to as they celebrated the two momentous occasions?

We hear Spears and Trawick were hand-in-hand and kissing throughout the night, as they canoodled at Sugar Factory's Chocolate Lounge prior to heading to Chateau Nightclub.

MORE: Who Is Jason Trawick? Five Things to Know About the Future Mr. Britney Spears

The couple and 30 of their closest friends and family members dined on salmon and various pizzas for dinner, along with chocolate pizza, cupcakes, gumdrops and other candies for dessert.

And then it was time to party.

Inside of the hot spot, the "Hold it Against Me" crooner surprised her newly cemented fiancé with a two-tier black and white birthday cake, with "Happy Birthday Jason" displayed on the red-velvet dessert (Trawick's fave cake flavor).

MORE: How Does Britney Spears Get Married Under a Conservatorship?

And post-cake and birthday fanfare, Spears, Trawick and their entourage danced until late in the evening.

"Tonight was one of the most magical nights of my life," the bride-to-be tweeted early Saturday morning. "Such an amazing time with my new fiancé and our closest friends and family. #Blessed."

The couple is just too adorable and we couldn't be happier for them!

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Every fifth American woman victim of sexual violence

Wasif Chudhary

According to a survey conducted in the United States one of every five women will become victims of sexual violence at some point in life is.
Disease Control and Prevention in the United States government agency, a report prepared by the victim of abuse half the women said their partner or spouse's current or former victims of sexual violence.
Sexual abuse refers to the U.S. state of intoxication or force is called the sexual relationship.
One of every seven men reported their partner had experienced physical violence at the hands of a serious nature.
During this reporting year, two thousand ten, more than eighteen thousand American men and women are drawn from the statistics.
Reported in the U.S. during the second quarter the sexual abuse, violence or are victims of pursuit.
"The sexual violence, violence by pursuing their own face life and its impact on all of their lives."
Dr. Linda dygts
According to the survey results during a period of twelve months, one million women have come forward with sexual abuse cases, more than six million men and women were followed one hundred and twenty thousand men and women from their own sexual abuse, physical violence or complaint to be pursued.
America won the Center for Injury and knrul called pryuynsn adadry dygts Director Dr. Linda said, "The sexual violence, violence by pursuing their own face life and its impact on all of their lives."
The results of the data due to concerns about protecting victims of violence and increased risk of mental stress has increased.
Women who have been victims of sexual abuse or assault was a victim of them, intolerance, diabetes, frequent headaches, ending suffering, and medical problems such as sleep dusuary fear is born.
The men, one of every seven victims of sexual violence or attempted to do with it.
Twenty-five percent of men reported at least ten years been victims of sexual violence.

Former French president Chirac guilty of embezzling public funds,

Wasif Chudhary

A French court found former President Jacques Chirac guilty in a historic verdict of embezzling public funds to illegally finance the conservative party he long led, and handed him a suspended prison sentence.
Mr Chirac, a savvy world diplomat and icon of France's political establishment for decades, is the first former French head of state to face prosecution since the World War II era.
But the 79-year-old former leader did not take part in the trial, after doctors determined that he suffers severe memory lapses.
The court said today it had found Mr Chirac guilty in two related cases involving fake jobs created at the RPR party, which he led during his 1977-1995 tenure as Paris mayor.
He was convicted of embezzling public funds, abuse of trust, and illegal conflict of interest. Mr Chirac repeatedly denied wrongdoing.
He was given a two-year suspended prison sentence, which gives Mr Chirac a criminal record but means he does not have to go behind bars.
The court said it took into account his age, health and status as a former head of state when determining the sentence.
Adopted daughter: Anh Dao Traxel was among members of the Chirac family who attended the court hearing, where Mr Chirac was given a two-year suspended sentence

Mr Chirac is the first former French head of state to be convicted since Philippe Petain, found guilty in 1945 of collaborating with the Nazis.
He becomes the first former French head of state to be convicted since Marshal Philippe Petain, the leader of the World War II Vichy regime, who was found guilty in 1945 of collaborating with the Nazis.

Memo Scandal Case: Army Chief submitted its Point of View in Supreme Court

Wasif Chudhary

After passing nearly two weeks since the Supreme Court has ordered the related persons to submit their answers about the Sensitive Memo gate Scandal. Husain Haqani who is a major member of this scandal has already submitted his answer, other persons like Prime Minister Gilani and Mansoor Ijaz has also submitted their answers in Supreme Court But Answer which is at the Spot Light. The reason behind this is that the Army Chief said in his answer that the Memo gate Scandal is very serious and the Supreme Court should investigate this Scandal. He also said that Husain Haqani written a letter to Mike Molen. He said that he (General Kiyani) meet Prime Minister Gilani and ask him to call back Husain Haqani in Pakistan because it is a very serious Scandal and the time is very precious.
Kiyani also said that he comes to know the seriousness of this scandal by the messages and meetings of Director General Pasha with him.
It shows that the situation for the PPPP Govt is not good and the up coming days are very Important for the democratic Govt of Pakistan.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Gaddafi daughter seeks ICC probe into his killing

Wasif Chudhary
A lawyer for Muammar Gaddafi's daughter said on Wednesday he had written to the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) to ask if an investigation had been launched into the killing of her father and brother.

A copy of the letter, seen by Reuters, said that Muammar Gaddafi and his son Mo'tassim were "murdered in the most horrific fashion with their bodies thereafter displayed and grotesquely abused in complete defiance of Islamic law."

"The images of this savagery were broadcast throughout the world, causing my client severe emotional distress," said the letter from Nick Kaufman, who represents Aisha Gaddafi.

"To date, neither Ms. Gaddafi nor any member of her family has been informed, by your office, of the initiation of an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the brutal murders," the letter said.

Muammar Gaddafi and Mo'tassim were captured in their home town of Sirte in October, two months after rebels seized the capital Tripoli and put the longtime Libyan leader and his relatives to flight.

They were killed soon after their capture while in the custody of fighters loyal to the country's new leadership, in circumstances that have not been fully explained.

Gaddafi's daughter Aisha fled with other family members to neighboring Algeria in August.

The ICC, based in the Hague, earlier this year issued arrest warrants for Muammar Gaddafi, another son, Saif al-Islam, and the former Libyan intelligence chief Abdullah al-Senussi, for crimes against humanity.

In the letter, Aisha Gaddafi's lawyer asked if the ICC prosecutor's office was investigating the killings of her father and brother, and if it was taking steps to make sure the Libyan authorities themselves were investigating the matter.

The letter also asked whether the ICC was looking into what reports said at the time was a NATO air strike on Gaddafi's convoy moments before he was captured.

"Is your office investigating the attack allegedly carried out by NATO forces in order to determine whether individual criminal responsibility should be assigned for an unlawful military attack?" the letter asked.

Future of Tehrik-i-Insaf and Imran Khan

Wasif Chudhary

If we talk about the political scenario of Pakistan then one major name which is not so familiar before the last four to six months in the Pakistani politics but now is every where, the Newspapers are incomplete with it, the talk shows are boring and meaningless with out its participation and the charm of many youngsters faces especially the students, is Tehrik-i-Insaf.
Imran khan especially after his address to a large Mass in Minar-i-Pakistan is looking very comfortable and compose in the Pakistani Political system, he is talking about the Sonami(flood) of the People which will destroy the corrupt people who are eating this country like a beast.
He is talking about the Change in the Country.

Today I have read out a sentence from Imran khan that the "Power Full Elite of the Country doesn't want a society based on Justice"
I feel afraid that Imran Khan is still not comfortable with his Position in the Political System. Will he break the shekels in the near future or not? is the Question of the hour.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

9/11 Conspiracy Files: The Third Tower

Wasif Chudhary

9/11 Conspiracy Files: The Third Tower delves into one of mysteries surrounding Sept. 11th, a third tower at the World Trade Centre, which along with the Twin Towers, collapsed on that fateful day. But this skyscraper was never hit by a plane. This 47-story tower fell seven hours after the others and has become the subject of heated speculation and conspiracy theories largely fuelled by the internet. 9/11 was the first global event in the age of the worldwide web and it's being used as a platform for a wide range of conspiracy theories - more than 50 at the last count - that allege that the U.S. government was somehow involved in the attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon.
Conspiracy theorists like Dylan Avery believe the Third Tower was brought down by a series of controlled explosions. Avery is the 24-year-old documentary maker behind the internet phenomenon Loose Change which has been viewed tens of millions of times on-line. He and his film pull no punches, claiming a government conspiracy was behind the events of 9/11 and the ensuing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The mysterious collapse of the third tower is central to his argument. It's an accusation the U.S. Government categorically denies.

After seven years, on Aug. 21, 2008, the official report on the World Trade Centre collapse of Building 7 (the Third Tower) was released. U.S. Federal investigators concluded that fire weakened floor beams and a critical support column leading to the collapse of the third tower. However, that would make the third tower the first and only skyscraper in the world to collapse solely due to fire. 9/11 Conspiracy Files: The Third Tower explores the many questions that continue to fuel conspiracy theorists.
Its an honour for me if you share some knowledge and information about this issue here.

Deaths from malaria fall, but funding woes loom-WHO

Wasif Chudhary

By Kate Kelland

LONDON, Dec 13 (Reuters) - Malaria deaths have fallen dramatically in the past decade thanks to increased aid allowing more people access to nets and medicines, but the economic slowdown threatens to curb future progress, the World Health Organisation said on Tuesday.

In its annual global report on the mosquito-borne parasitic disease, the WHO said international funding for the fight against malaria rose to about $1.7 billion in 2010 and $2 billion in 2011, the highest annual amounts ever reached.

But this is still far short of the estimated $5 billion to $6 billion needed each year to achieve the WHO's target to reach zero deaths from malaria by 2015.

"The increased funding has resulted in tremendous progress," the United Nations' health agency said.

The estimated number of deaths from malaria dropped to 655,000 in 2010, 36,000 lower than in 2009.

"While this represents significant progress, the mortality figures are still disconcertingly high for a disease that is entirely preventable and treatable," the report said.

Malaria is endemic in more than 100 countries worldwide but can be prevented by the use of bednets and indoor spraying to keep the mosquitoes that carry the disease at bay.

Effective malaria drugs known as artemisinin-based combination therapies, or ACTs, can cure the infection but access to these medicines is often hampered in poor countries where funding is limited and health services are patchy.

Total eradication of the parasitic disease, which is spread through the bites of infected mosquitoes and threatens about half the world's population, is still a long way off. Some think it could take another 40 to 50 years.

The WHO's report said a huge scale-up in malaria control programmes between 2008 and 2010 had meant that enough insecticide-treated mosquito nets were distributed to be able to protect more than 578 million people at risk of the disease in the worst-hit region, sub-Saharan Africa.

A total of 11 countries in Africa saw a more than 50 percent reduction in either confirmed malaria cases or malaria hospital admissions and deaths in the past decade, and a drop of more than 50 percent in malaria cases was also found in 32 of the 56 malaria-endemic countries outside Africa during the same period.

Morocco and Turkmenistan were certified by the WHO in 2009 as having eliminated the disease.

"The results set out in this report are the best seen in decades," WHO's director general Margaret Chan said in a statement with the report. "After so many years of deterioration and stagnation in the malaria situation, countries and their development partners are now on the offensive."

But the report projected that with many international donors suffering recessions or very slow economic growth, funds to fight malaria may fall in 2012 and 2013 and could drop to an annual $1.5 billion by 2015.

Even this forecast was an "optimistic scenario" it said, since many donors have not yet finalised what their future commitments are likely to be. (Reporting by Kate Kelland; Editing by Matthew Jones)

Deadly attack rocks central Liege in Belgium

Wasif Chudhary

A gun and grenade attack in the centre of the Belgian city of Liege has killed at least two people and wounded about 25 including a toddler, media say.

Witnesses say a man in his 40s threw grenades at a bus stop in Place Saint Lambert, a busy square. At least one other man is thought to be involved.

Reports say one of the attackers is among the dead.

Local media said one man had been seized by police, while another took refuge in the nearby Palace of Justice.

Medical staff are said to be attending to the injured in the courthouse. Doctors at a city hospital are trying to save the life of an 18-month-old boy injured in the attack.

Roads into the centre of the city have been sealed off. Explosives experts are on their way to the square.

There is no word on who carried out the attack.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

U.S vacates Pakistan,s Shamsi Air Base after Ultimatum

Wasif Chudhary

U.S vacates the Shamsi Air Base of Pakistan after the Ultimatum given by the Pak Govt. The relations between the two deep allies became diverse when the NATO helicopters attack the Pakistani Army Check Posts in Muhmand Agency. During this attack 24 army men were killed, it was the moment when the anger of the Pakistan army and the nation was at its peek.
In response to this attack the Pak Govt shut down the supply of NATO & ISAF forces in Afghanistan and ordered US to vacate the Shamsi Air Base in a hurry.
More over the Pak army has installed a new Air Defence System at Pak Afghan Border to control this kind of attacks which will cross the boundaries of its sovereignty.

Rightful victory stolen: Amir

Wasif Chudhary

Britain’s Amir Khan, saying he felt a rightful victory was stolen from him on Saturday, vowed to return stronger after a controversial majority decision defeat to American Lamont Peterson. The 25-year-old English boxer said he was putting his plans to rise into the welterweight ranks on hold for one more fight in order to face Peterson in a rematch that he hopes will be staged in England. Referee Joe Cooper took points from Khan in the seventh and 12th rounds for shoving hometown hero Peterson and that proved to be the margin of Khan’s loss before a sellout crowd of 8,647 at the Washington Convention Center. One judge scored Khan a 115-110 winner while the other two handed Peterson the verdict by 113-112. All three judges scored the last round even, so Khan would have kept his titles by majority draw without the last deduction. “I was up against the referee and Lamont,” Khan said. “The referee was a bit on his side. When you come to his home, you are two points down before the fight starts. I went to his hometown. I beat him. And I didn’t get it. “A few of the (boxing) commissioners came to me and said that it was a disgusting decision. Even Lamont was shocked he won the fight.” Khan called it “all a learning curve” and vowed “I will come back stronger.” “It’s boxing. You live another day. A rematch is what I’m looking at. I want it straight away. I want my two titles back. I know I won that fight and I think everybody else knows I won it too.” Peterson, once a homeless youth living on the streets of the US capital, relished taking the World Boxing Association and International Boxing Federation light-welterweight world titles and ignored Khan’s cries of foul. “I’m a fighter not a referee. I wasn’t caught up into that,” Peterson said. “I was focused on executing my game plan.”

Amir Khan penalized, complains: Is the boxer right?

Wasif Chudhary

After losing a close decision to District native Lamont Peterson on Saturday night at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, boxer Amir Khan said the penalties he suffered in the super lightweight title bout show why D.C. rarely hosts big boxing events.

The bout was the first major championship fight in the nation’s capital since 1993.

As The Post’s Gene Wang reported:

Virginia-based referee Joseph Cooper deducted a point from Khan in the seventh and 12th rounds for pushing off. They proved decisive in a fight that came down to a razor-thin margin.
Nelson Vasquez scored the fight 115-110 to Khan, but fellow judges George Hill and Valerie Dorsett each gave the fight to Peterson, 113-112.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Amir Khan ready to defend title against Lamont Peterson

Wasif Chudhary

British born light-welterweight Pakistani Amir Khan will face Lamont Peterson for the IBF and WBA light welterweight titles on Saturday night at the Convention Center in Washington D.C. Amir Khan is really confident to defend his title against the Peterson. Khan, the birthday boy is so focused on his clash with Lamont Peterson he forgot an important date – his 25th birthday said that “the home crowd is a lot of pressure,”, said this week of his sixth title defense. “He might crack. I think he’ll fight with his heart and all his dreams will go out the window. “I made the same mistake before.” Khan suffered his only loss when Breidis Prescott knocked him out in 2008 in the first round of their bout in Manchester, England, near Khan’s hometown of Bolton. On the other hand his competitor Peterson, 27, has lost only to unbeaten World Boxing Organization junior-welterweight champion Timothy Bradley, in a December 2009 fight in Rancho Mirage. The fighters weighed in Friday, with Khan weighing 139 pounds to Peterson’s 140.
Number of games played, won and lost by both of these boxers
Amir Khan (26-1, 18 knockouts)
Lamont (29-1-1, 15 knockouts
This suggests the high rank of both of these players...

China: Five bureaucrats were Suspended due to Sleeping in the Meeting

Wasif Chudhary
Five Chinese bureaucrats have been suspended from their posts after dozing off or reading newspapers at a meeting aimed at instilling discipline in government work, state press said Friday.
The five officials, all leaders at local tax bureaus in north China’s Shanxi province, were ousted from their posts after slacking off at a meeting on Tuesday, Xinhua news agency said.

The meeting was aimed at curbing bad work practises, including unexplained absences and playing games or engaging in recreational activities at work, the report said.

Shanxi province has a history of lazy officials, with over 300 bureaucrats punished last year after being caught gambling, visiting Karaoke bars, massage parlours or tea houses during work hours, the China Daily reported.

Year’s last total lunar eclipse seen in Pakistan

Wasif Chudhary

This year’s second as well as last total lunar eclipse would also being witnessed in Pakistan on Saturday (Dec 10), Geo News reported.

The lunar eclipse started at 4:34 PM (PST) and is expected to end at 10:30 PM, whereas Earth would overshadow the moon completely at around 7:32 PM.

People in the Far East and Southeast Asia as well as Australia would be able to observe this fabulous planetary phenomenon.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Airplane crashes into Philippine school, 7 killed

Wasif Chudhary
MANILA, Philippines (AP) -- Officials say a light plane has crashed into a school building near the Philippine capital after its pilot requested an emergency landing shortly after takeoff. At least seven burned bodies were recovered at the site.

Mayor Florencio Bernabe of suburban Paranaque city says the plane burst into flames after hitting the F. Serrano Elementary School on Saturday.

He says no classes were being held but that officials were determining if anyone on the ground was among the dead.

Air Transportation Office chief Ramon Gutierrez says the six-to-eight-seat plane declared an emergency shortly after taking off from Manila airport for Mindoro Island. The plane crashed before being able to return to the airport.

Iran is not Acceptable in the form of Atomic Power: Gen.Demsi

Wasif Chudhary

General Demsey said that Iran is not Acceptable in the form of Atomic Power. The statement comes in that time when Iran has captured American RQ-170 spy sentinel drone a day before. Mohammad Kossari warned "Iran will target all US military bases around the world," in case of further violations.

America not Scared about New Air Defence System of Pakistan: Pentagon

Wasif Chudhary

WASHINGTON: US Department of Defence has said that the new air-defene system installed by Pakistan was of no consequence for America as it posed no danger to their forces deployed in Afghanistan, Geo News reported.

A briefing by Pentagon also stressed that to avoid another Mohmand attack better coordination was the way to go not an air-defence system, adding such tactical decisions were Pakistan’s internal affairs.

The briefing added that warmer Pakistan-US ties were in the broader interest of both strategic partners in war in terror.

Pentagon officials also adamantly maintained that Nato’s attack in Mohmand was involuntary.
The Mohmand Agency Attack has led the relations between the Allies in a fragmented mode. And the installation of new air defence system on afghan border is the example of it.

Gujrat, Pakistan

Wasif Chudhary

Gujrat is a beautiful and Industrial city of Pakistan. Gujrat is very historical city.
People living in Gujrat refer to themselves as Gujratis, which sometimes leads to confusion with people from the Indian state of Gujarat which adjoins Pakistan. The major sources of livelihood among the Gujrat populace are agriculture and small industries.
Gujrat is situated on the bank of Chenab River, situated about 120 kilometres (75 mi) north of Lahore, the capital city of Punjab province, and 150 kilometres (93 mi) from Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. Prominent nearby locations include Jalalpur Jattan, Jhelum, Gujranwala, Mandi Bahauddin, Sialkot, Lalamusa and Bhimber-Azad Kashmir. The city is surrounded by many villages and towns, which supply significant labour to the local market.
Gujrat was founded by Raja Bachhan Pal Gurjar in 460 BC, according to General Cunningham, the British historian.
During the Mughal period, Mughal royalty frequently travelled through the district en-route to Kashmir. King Jahangir,s abdominal organs were taken out and buried in Gujrat.
Shah Daula is the Saint of the City. He Was famous throughout the area when Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji (1595–1644) Sixth Prophet of the Sikhs was passing though Gujrat City Shah Daula had a glimpse of Guru Sahib.
Gujrat produces low-temperature pottery and ceramic goods,hukkas,or water pipe ,artistic handicrafts, flower pots, changairian (made from the leaves of palm and date trees), cotton mates and woolen shawls. Sohni Mahiwal is a famous folk tale of the Punjab region. The heroine of the story, named "Sohni" (a Punjabi word meaning "beautiful"), came from the Gujrat region. She used to meet her lover, Mahinwal, by crossing the Chenab river, sitting on a pitcher. The tale is still told to this day and is an essential part of Punjabi culture.
The anniversary of Kanwan-Wali Sarkar near Karuan Wala Gujrat is celebrated with a fair in August every year. He is known as one of the greatest saints that ever lived. A famous miracle was when water in a well actually turned to milk for a period of time. The well is still there.
Gujrat is Pakistan,s one of the Richest city. Gujrat is also one of the top cities of Pakistan who,s most citizen,s are in foreign cities. A villlage name Mandir is the only village of Pakistan who,s all the residential are living abroad.
Gujrat Has four Nishan-e- Haidar,s. Nishan-e- Haidar is the biggest Military and civil Award of Pakistan.
Gujrat also produce Prime minister, President and Minister,s of Pakistan. In the field of Literature Gujrat is also at top ranks.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Terrorism in Virgina University, Terrorists in America

Wasif Chudhary

Virginia Tech issued a campus-wide alert on Dec. 8, 2011, after gunshots were reported on campus. The university reports a police officer was shot on campus and there is potentially a second victim in the Cage Parking on campus.
The shooting comes the same day as Virginia Tech is appealing a $55,000 fine by the Education Department in connection with the university's response to a 2007 rampage that left 33 people dead.
The US, Which is already combating with many Groups and Countries of the world at the moment has a severe Problem inside America that many such sort of Incidents of terrorism are happening consistently there in America.

Nato attack 'pre-planned': DG MO

Wasif Chudhary

Director General Military Operations Major General Ashfaq Nadeem Thursday termed the Nato airstrike in Mohmand Agency as a “pre-planned attack,” Geo News reported.

Briefing the Senate Standing Committee on Defence which met under the chairmanship of Javed Ashraf Qazi, the DG MO said Nato officials gave wrong information to the Border Coordination Centre about the location of the operation.

"The bunkers were specifically targeted and destroyed," Maj. Gen. Ashfaq Nadeem told the Senate body.

Nadeem added that terrorists hide inside ditches and cracks and not on mountain peaks which is where the check posts were located.

The DG MO said the only confusion was if the attacks were conducted by US Special Forces or ISAF.

President Zardari in Dubai

Wasif Chudhary

The Memo Gate Scandal is at Peek these days. Army, Judiciary and the Opposition Parties are focused at this issues and they are demanding an answer from the Government that what is behind this Game, and who is involve in this game. Hussain Haqani, Mansoor Ijaz, President Zardari are the top names in the news for the last two weeks are so.
Yesterday When a news came from some sources that President Zardari Went to Dubai for his medical check up then a hype once again started in the media that why he went to Dubai in these Circumstances when his Presidency is under pressure from four sides. The contradictory statements from the PPPP,s leaders about the Health of the President also creates a sensation in the media.
The Supreme Court of Pakistan has ordered the parties who were involved in this game of memo to submit their answers about the Issue of Memo.
But today the Supreme Court has abandon the Inquiry till the 20th of this month. On the other hand some sources are also arguing that why President Zardari went to Dubai, may be he went there because of the Memo Scandal. But there is some thing wrong at the moment with the presidency.
To me PPPP Govt is in deep deep trouble, does it survive? Very difficult

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Police surround Congolese protesters at U.S. consulate in Toronto

Wasif Chudhary
Police have surrounded hundreds of Congolese protesters at the U.S. consulate in downtown Toronto.

More than 30 police cars are on the scene and University Avenue, north of Queen Street, is closed in both directions.

Sergeant Craig Somers of the Toronto police said the demonstration "started off very peacefully," with a planned march to the U.S. consulate. He said two members of the march "got a bit out of control" and were arrested.

Protestors are carrying signs saying "Free Congo" and "Respect the will of Congolese people."

Protesters clash with police outside US consulate in Toronto

Wasif Chudhary
Protesters clash with police outside US consulate in Toronto - @globeandmail

Religion and Fashion

Wasif Chudhary
Even a Muslim child
Here is West

According to Wikipedia,Fashion is a general term for a currently popular style or practice, especially in clothing, foot wear, or accessories. The religion has a key role in the way of fashion.
Historically, fashion and religion have had an uneasy relationship; there have been some nasty clashes of religious and secular values with respect to fashion and the use of religious iconography recently.
If we consider Islam in this regard, the Muslims are one of the modern civilization of the world but their is a huge difference between the fashion style of the Muslims and the People of other Religions. What is the reason behind this, the reason is that every religion has kept its followers in some sort of boundaries, and the Muslims follow the teachings of their religion, But unfortunately the followers of other religions do not.
Islam does not allow its followers whether men or women, to wear such kind of clothes which does not cover their body completely. The women should have to cover their all body properly so that she could hide herself from the sight of strangers.
On the other hand we see that the people of other religions, especially Christians and Jews does not obey the teachings of their respective religions. They wear those clothes which does not cover their body completely. They use such sort of cosmetics which attracts others, they use perfumes and many other things which are not allowed in any of the respective religions.
So the relationship between Religion and Fashion is very deep.

Monday, 5 December 2011

What would you call Indian Navy? Publishes picture of Pak Air Craft in Advertisement

Wasif Chudhary

NEW DELHI: The Indian Navy in an advertisement has published a picture of Pakistan’s JF-17 Thuder Jet and expressed pride by claiming it to be one of theirs, Geo News reported.

The advertisement was published on the occasion of India’s Navy Day, and cleary shows the JF-17 Thunder Jet which is a joint venture between Pakistan and China.

According to Indian media reports, the Navy is yet to give its stance on the issue.