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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Breaking: Shah Mehmood Quraishi joined Tehrik-i-Insaf

Wasif Chudhary
Ex Foreign Minister of Pakistan Peoples Party Shah Mehmood Qurashi has announced his affiliation with Tehrik-i-Insaf. Quraishi who was in the news for the last 3 weeks or so has announced this in a meeting in Ghotki (Sindh).
Before this the annalysists and Party leaders are giving their views about the decissions that where Shah Mehmood Quraishi will move. Quraishi said that it is a time of change and it is the begning of change. He also said that the power of people will destroy the firon(Devil) of Islambad.


  1. Thats a good news.... But i still believe the strength of PTI is its core team, not these persons who have joined it after seeing its popularity... but anyway nice thing to take place..


  2. nice information friends...introduce me from indonesia

  3. Yes I agree that those who are joining it later are those who may change their affiliation after some time with some other party.

    please send me your names both of you.