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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Global village

Hello and welcome to all of you who are here...
Today i will not discuss any issue regarding terrorism or the wars between the nations but i will focus on the REAL GLOBAL VILLAGE. What it is.. who are its real beneficiaries and who are the looser in this new world order.
Well when Marshall McLuhan gives this term, it was actually associated with the advancement of technology and the fast flow of information from one corner of the world to the other. Here I didn't use the word FREE FLOW OF INFORMATION because if we add the word Free flow then it means that each and every country has equal rights of transmitting information. But we must understand that it is not the case, here the super powers and the developed countries have once again the upper hand. They are using information for their self interests.. and the developing countries are a victim of the economic super powers.. the developed countries do not show the positive image of the developing countries.
On the other hand if we take this term in the sense of economic issues that in the Global village each and every country must have equal opportunities of trade then this is also an invalid assumption. Because a Special package of economic robbers are also dominant here.
So the world is not a global village but a "Controlled village".

Sunday, 29 May 2011

sunday is funday

Hello and welcome to all of you who are here with me.its my second blog about Sunday life, in fact my Sunday life that how i spent my whole Sunday.
Well today i woke up at 4 am and offer my Fajar prayer. i was feeling cool and calmness after saying my prayer. after that i once again went to my bed and slept for 10 am. then there came some guests in my house actually they were not mine they were my elder brothers guests. and it was a planed gathering at our house. they decided one day before that what they will eat at Sunday morning. they ate a delicious Pakistani breakfast dish halwa pori. ohhh i forgot to tell you that we had not make it at home. we brought this from a hotel of gujrat city. well when i got up then it was all ready for me to eat my breakfast with Halwa pori. oooooo it was delicious, great taste. after that i played with ayan my nephew for quite a long time. we both made a lot of fun in the house. then i used internet for a while. and after that there comes my three little cousins. they wanted to watch a movie and i gave them permission to watch a movie. they enjoyed a movie 2012. it was about earth quakes. you should have to watch this.
After that i offered my Zuhar prayer and then took my lunch. then at 3 pm i went to my bed for taking rest. at 5 pm a offered my Asar prayer and then spent some time with my family and my nephew aayan and meerub.
Well this is my all Sunday. i really enjoyed my Sunday life. hope you all of...

Friday, 27 May 2011

Wars on what

I have listen for many times that the upcoming wars will be fought due to the clash of civilizations and mostly the water wars. Because some countries may have the water sources in their possession and the others do not have and these wars will be the final source of destruction for this world.
But when we watch the current scenario of the world we see that these were not due to water or clash between different civilizations in fact these were due to the other resources especially due to OIL. Cuba and Venazevaila have oil resources and America is the worst enemy of both the countries. the 2nd example is of Iraq, Iraq also have great oil resources and America made many lame excuses to strike against him and finally the world had seen the brutality from Us and its allies.
The next example is of Libya and Egypt, Libya is also being strike by US and its so called allies. Us also threatens Iran for many times in the last decade are so but Iran proves to be a different customer for America because if America tries to make any sort of silly thing against Iran then it must be the start of destruction for Us and its allies.
After 9/11 America also strike against Afghanistan and it was also due to the oil resources. But many of you do not understand that whether it was an oil war or not. But America has deep interests through Afghanistan in this region.
According to new researches America has just 35 to 40 years of oil resources left which he snatch from the other countries. and the region of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan has more than 200 hundred years of oil resources and America,s next target is that so he want to use Afghanistan for that purpose.
SO these wars are not due to water or clash between civilizations. these are OIL WARS.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Pns mehran base attack and our sovereignty

Hello and welcome to all of you who are here with me...
Pakistan My dear homeland is passing through serious crisis at the moment and these crisis are our own created. why we are taking the dictations from outside Pakistan why we have put our sovereignty on risk because of others. why we have not taken the lesson from the past two decades or so. These questions must be addressed and one day the government should have to answer these.
After the abbotabad operation the Pakistani nation had to suffer through another trauma in the shape of MEHRAN BASE ATTACK on army. i do not like to ask that who is responsible for it because the Pakistani nation has it answer..and shame for the leaders that they do not know who is responsible for it or i think they are like a pigeon who close his eyes while see the cat coming towards him.
The Iranian president is the only brave leader left in the Muslim world.. he knows that if he drops his knees then the AMERICA and its allies do not spare him and his country.. he knows that his policies are right so there fore he stands in front of the worlds,s number one terrorist...
The Pakistani leaders should have to think again and think in a positive way because we are being used by others.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Pak Us relations heading towards divergence

Hello and welcome to all of you who are here...
The unilateral operation of the American special forces on abbotabad at usam,s hideaway has created a new tension and doubtful atmosphere for the future of Pak Us relations. No doubt this unilateral and unprecedented attack on the sovereignty of Pakistan will raise an issue and had already raised an issue in the American administration itself. Obama already lost the midterms and he may use and have started using this issue as political and for his 2012 elections. But the cooperation between CIA and ISI has come to an end at the moment. The government of Pakistan has also realized that they have to take some forceful and solid steps to make the sovereignty of Pakistan unquestionable. And no doubt it is the need of the hour. Us defense secretary Robert gates said that America humiliated Pakistan,s sovereignty. he also said
"If I were in Pakistani shoes, I would say I've already paid a price (for terrorist safe havens). I've been humiliated. I've been shown that the Americans can come in here and do this with impunity. I think we have to recognize that they see a cost in that and a price that has been paid," Gates told reporters at a Pentagon news conference.
This shows that obama did not take in to confidence the American administration.
and the new statement of obama that we can again attack on Pakistan... has also created a rift between the two countries.. and if America strike again then in my opinion Pakistan will definitely defend itself and fight for the sovereignty of their homeland.. so next few days are much more important in this regard.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Can pakistan survive without the american aid? the dicission of punjab govt.

Hello and welcome to all of you. Today in my article i will try to focus on the decision of Punjab government of not to take any sort of aid from out Pakistan.This brave decision of chief minister of Punjab shahbaz sharief comes on the screen when the relations between Pakistan and us were really on a difficult turn. many voices from inside Pakistan are now commenting this decision and giving their own arguments. One voice which i listen is that this decision is just for point scoring.
Whether it is or not the time will tell. but the people of Pakistan are very happy with this. we can live with out the foreign aid if the horrible issue of corruption and bribery, if the law and order, if the honest hard working, if the issue of not returning the bank loans and especially the over expenses of the govt officials and protocol issues will be addressed soon. Muslim league (N) is no doubt a better contender for the next elections. but they have to do a lot better in the interests of Pakistan. this is a challenge for other provinces also if this decision will be practically implemented. So the time has come for taking hard decisions of not depending on the west and America. and if the Punjab government sets an example here then believe me it is a great achievement for the Pakistan.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

New will of americans and pakistanis

Monday, 16 May 2011

His first flight

HELLO AND WELCOME TO ALL OF YOU. yesterday in my article of sunday is funday i introduce my beautiful nephew of just 1 YEAR. Today i dedicate this article to AYAN AMIN. Many of you had read a story HIS FIRST FLIGHT. IN which the writer tells and describes that how when and why a young seagull takes his first flight. believe me it is a beautiful and interesting story and you should have to read that.
Well coming back to my today,s article, yesterday i also told you that we attend a marriage ceremony of my friend and here i do not need to explain it again but today we attend the 2nd day of the marriage ceremony. ohhh its too much hot outside. it is a very tough day once again...
when we came back from the function at 6,o clock of the evening we all were really tired. i gone to my bed but could not sleep. MOM calls me to come there in the T.V lounge and take a cup of tea. i m very fond of taking tea especially in winter.
well coming back to the point when i was taking my cup of tea then i suddenly hear my elder brother and sister speaks very loudly because they are so happy to see Ayan taking his first flight. Ayan walks for more than six steps and then fall on the ground. when i saw him i ran towards him and cries with happiness. then i take him in my arms and kiss him. we all were very happy at that moment because we want to see him walking alone and now he has done it in a style. and at that moment the memories of that story HIS FIRST FLIGHT comes to my mind.
Hope you enjoyed my little effort of writing well.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

sunday is funday

Hello and welcome to my first blog of sunday is funday. well i don't tell you that what i am going to write in this blog.you just have to be patient and read this.hmmm
I Woke up at 8 am. then i take my breakfast with my cute looking nephew. got it that now i have to introduce my nephew before you. he is MUHAMMAD AYAN AMIN and age is just over 1 year means quite new and young. he has a dimple in the right side of the face when he smiles. hmmm he is also very naughty. but he is the one whom i love the most.
after that i take him for hair dressing. oh my god what i remembered again. you know he is very brave but when hair cutter cuts his hairs he is always out of control and cries and cries too much.
well usualy i did not get up early in the morning but today we have to attend a marriage ceremony of my friend. then i use internet for a whilw and did my important tasks. you know when suday comes then i have a desire to sleep for long time. but mom always advised me to get up early. she says that if i get up early then my whole days will spent perfect. i love my mom i have no words to praise my mother.may allah give her all the happiness of the world.
then i take a quick shooer and got ready to attending the function. there it comes the time when i m with my friends in the marriage hall. we made a lot of fun hhere/ ayan also joind me there. actualy he is my very good friend. we ate many dishes.
after that we came back home. now i am really tired. but t have to do my university home work. but thy day passed with full joy and hapiness. oh sory i forgot to tell you that today i did not go out for my morning walk. hahahaha.
the writer is a student of mass communication and media.

Friday, 13 May 2011

american threats to pakistan and responce of china and iran

After the incident of abbot abad the situation of world politics and peace is becoming more and more critical. its the time when the world should have to appreciate the roll of Pakistan on the war against terrorism. Pakistan had lost many lives after the incident of September 11. the economy of Pakistan is also effected by this war and the socioeconomic issues such as sugar water energy etc are the result of this war.
Yesterday the American officials stated that the time has come to talk with Pakistan in a serious way and Pakistan have to decide that they can continue as their allies on war against terrorism or not.actually they are under estimating the roll of Pakistan in this region and on war against terrorism.
mean while the neighboring country chine and the super power of worlds economy has also shown an aggressive tone and said that if US cross its boundaries than we are with Pakistan and give them tough time. Iran also join china and said we also contribute if America strikes against Pakistan.
so the situation of this region is becoming hard and hard due to the self interested policies of US and his allies. the next few days are very important in this regard

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

american pressure on pakistan and its consequences

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

usama bin laden a hero or a villan?