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Monday, 7 November 2011

Who will be the next Prime Minister of Pakistan?

Wasif Yousaf

It was a time when people were praying to God for the end of the regime of President Mushraf, they were fed up by the wrong policies and especially the war against terrorism which Pakistan was fighting on the behalf of USA and its Allies. Then some how with the inner movements of the political parties and the people new ellections were held, and people then relize that a new sun will arise soon in their lives. But who knows that Zardari will become a new president and the pen is in the hand of Zardari which will write their story of luck.

Now after more than three years people are really frustrated with the curruption bribery loot and other such kind of black tools. Once again the inner movements of the people and the political parties are active to bring a change but who will be the next Prime Minister of .Pakistan is a question which is in the minds of the people.

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