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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Aleem Dr a Great Umpire

who the hell is shane warne
he has no rights to criticize aleem dar
we seen Simon taufel making wrong decisions

Monday, 8 July 2013

16 Egypt coup protesters shot dead in Cairo

The Egypt crisis is converting in to blood crisis.  Many of the Egyptian people  are in favor of Muhammad  Mursi who was there elected president after the Egypt revolution.  Mursi is a great and sincere leader in their opinion and the people of Egypt wanting its release from the army custody.
 Where is the international media and the American media at this time why they are not playing a role which they are actually playing in the other issues of their interests. One can say that the situation in Egypt is likely beneficial for the Americans because they don't want an Islamic government in  Egypt .
The role of Muhammad albaradi is also seems to be sketched in America .

Saturday, 20 April 2013

President Musharaf in Judicial Custody

A man who was the former General and Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan Army. A man who was the President of Pakistan for almost eight years is in judicial custody in Pakistan. Musharaf was out of Pakistan for more than four years and in this duration he made his own Political Party. Several times during the last two years he made announcements to come to Pakistan to join his party but could not came. With a so called deal or trap he came to Pakistan few weeks ago. He also launched a campaign for the elections. He also submitted his nomination papers from several constituencies but the Election Commission of Pakistan rejected his nomination. He was facing several cases in the Pakistani Courts and was on Bail since his arrival in Pakistan. Three days before when he was in the court to face his case the court cancelled his bail. Musharraf was able to run from the court with the help of his private guards. But now he is in Judicial Custody. What will happen in the upcoming days is an interesting question. The Elections 2013 are also on the edge. According to some analysts Musharaf has the benefit of the doubt in his bag and he will be able to get himself out of this trouble.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Go to Hell America

Wasif Chudhary In Afghansitan atleast 11 innocent Children were Killed in an Air Strike from the NATO Forces. What is this? Any Human Rights Organisation is there in this World? Where is UNO? Where are the Leaders of the World who start crying on one killing in any of their so called peaceful nation. When Muhammad Bin Qasim will come in this world? When Sultan Slah Udin Ayubi will come? When Sultan Mehmoood Ghaznavi will come? Beleive me the day is not very far when only one Brave Muslim Leader will arrive in this World and that was the starting point of the Destruction of USA and its ALLIES.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Hugo Chavez a brave leader Was No Outlier

Wasif Chuddhary With the passing of Hugo Chavez, it is important to understand the place of Chavez in the political history of Venezuela and of all Latin America. We should not think that socialist movements in Latin America will die simply because Chavez has died. He often pointed to Simon Bolivar, Venezuela's early visionary and leader (1783-1830), as the model for his political philosophy: Latin America must achieve a united independence from foreign powers. For Chavez, this meant not only political independence but also economic independence. It meant nationalization of foreign-owned corporations and distancing Venezuela from the USA, which in the past had often been involved in the internal politics of Latin American nations. It also meant assisting other Latin American nations financially with the wealth from Venezuela's oil exports. Dramatically, it meant reaching out to nations around the world and establishing new economic relationships, especially with socialist leaders in Cuba and China.