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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

America must clear Shamsi Air Base

Wasif Chudhary

The recent tension between Pakistan and America is become diverse and diverse. Certain tries from US have been seen in the last few days to decrease the anger of Pakistani Govt.
The Shamsi Air Base which is given on lease to Dubai Govt in the regime of President Musharaf is further given on rent or lease to US by the Abu Dubai Govt. America is using this base for drone attacks on the taliban and alqaida leaders in Pakistan. On the other hand it was unclear untill now that why Pakistan give this base to Abu Dubai and why the Parliament of Pakistan is unaware about the drama of Shamsi Air Base.
How ever the Pakistani Govt orders the American govt and NATO to clear and leave the bast within fifteen 15 days. Some reports also suggesting that the American soldiers are started shifting from here.


  1. That should have happened long ago.. but its never too late.. and whatever we are suffering right now from the hands of our so called allies, This had to be done... Lets see what goes next...

  2. Yeh ofcourse this could happen long time before but i think the abbotabad attack was the turning point between these two allies.