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Sunday, 6 November 2011


Wasif Chudhary

The Ally From Hell
Pakistan lies. It hosted Osama bin Laden (knowingly or not). Its government is barely functional. It hates the democracy next door. It is home to both radical jihadists and a large and growing nuclear arsenal (which it fears the U.S. will seize). Its intelligence service sponsors terrorists who attack American troops. With a friend like this, who needs enemies?

This was the article of Atlantic Magazine which shows a pre planed and typical style of propaganda and admits that it is the policy of the American and Western media to write and produce a venomous propaganda against Pakistan.
If Paksitan lies then America is the biggest lier because if paksitan is a terrorist state or sopport terrorists then America is the one who cultivate this plant in the world when it supported TALIBAN and give them ammunition and training against Russia in Afghanistan.
Who ruined the peace of the world by striking against Iraq and Afghanistan, Who is the back bone of Israeel a biggest terrorist of the world.
So this sheer propaganda is a plan game and Pakistan need not to worry by this.

When Americans call taliban to white house and host them as there is a blood relation between them

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