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Monday, 7 November 2011

Israel threatens Iran and the Consequences of it

Wasif Yousaf

Israel threatens Iran that it will attack Iran. On the other hand Iranian president Ahmadi Nijad said “Israel is fated to disintegrate and its collapse will occur in the near future, IRNA quoted President Ahmadinejad as saying in an interview with Egyptian daily al-Akhbar on Monday.

The Iranian president said Israel and the West, particularly the US, fear Iran's capabilities and role and this is why they are trying to win international support for a military operation which has been designed to stop the Islamic Republic influence.
One would imagine that if Israel does this ridiculous and juvenile attempt then its consequences will be far more different and precarious for the interests of the world and especially US and its Allies.
He also added that He added that the US will not be able to save Zionism as it resembles a “transplanted liver that the body has rejected and [for this reason] it will disintegrate.”
So the US should think seriously that they have to work and cooperate with Iran otherwise it will be very harmful for its survival also.

Iran is using nuclear for safe purposes

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