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Friday, 27 May 2011

Wars on what

I have listen for many times that the upcoming wars will be fought due to the clash of civilizations and mostly the water wars. Because some countries may have the water sources in their possession and the others do not have and these wars will be the final source of destruction for this world.
But when we watch the current scenario of the world we see that these were not due to water or clash between different civilizations in fact these were due to the other resources especially due to OIL. Cuba and Venazevaila have oil resources and America is the worst enemy of both the countries. the 2nd example is of Iraq, Iraq also have great oil resources and America made many lame excuses to strike against him and finally the world had seen the brutality from Us and its allies.
The next example is of Libya and Egypt, Libya is also being strike by US and its so called allies. Us also threatens Iran for many times in the last decade are so but Iran proves to be a different customer for America because if America tries to make any sort of silly thing against Iran then it must be the start of destruction for Us and its allies.
After 9/11 America also strike against Afghanistan and it was also due to the oil resources. But many of you do not understand that whether it was an oil war or not. But America has deep interests through Afghanistan in this region.
According to new researches America has just 35 to 40 years of oil resources left which he snatch from the other countries. and the region of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan has more than 200 hundred years of oil resources and America,s next target is that so he want to use Afghanistan for that purpose.
SO these wars are not due to water or clash between civilizations. these are OIL WARS.

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