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Sunday, 15 May 2011

sunday is funday

Hello and welcome to my first blog of sunday is funday. well i don't tell you that what i am going to write in this blog.you just have to be patient and read this.hmmm
I Woke up at 8 am. then i take my breakfast with my cute looking nephew. got it that now i have to introduce my nephew before you. he is MUHAMMAD AYAN AMIN and age is just over 1 year means quite new and young. he has a dimple in the right side of the face when he smiles. hmmm he is also very naughty. but he is the one whom i love the most.
after that i take him for hair dressing. oh my god what i remembered again. you know he is very brave but when hair cutter cuts his hairs he is always out of control and cries and cries too much.
well usualy i did not get up early in the morning but today we have to attend a marriage ceremony of my friend. then i use internet for a whilw and did my important tasks. you know when suday comes then i have a desire to sleep for long time. but mom always advised me to get up early. she says that if i get up early then my whole days will spent perfect. i love my mom i have no words to praise my mother.may allah give her all the happiness of the world.
then i take a quick shooer and got ready to attending the function. there it comes the time when i m with my friends in the marriage hall. we made a lot of fun hhere/ ayan also joind me there. actualy he is my very good friend. we ate many dishes.
after that we came back home. now i am really tired. but t have to do my university home work. but thy day passed with full joy and hapiness. oh sory i forgot to tell you that today i did not go out for my morning walk. hahahaha.
the writer is a student of mass communication and media.

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