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Monday, 16 May 2011

His first flight

HELLO AND WELCOME TO ALL OF YOU. yesterday in my article of sunday is funday i introduce my beautiful nephew of just 1 YEAR. Today i dedicate this article to AYAN AMIN. Many of you had read a story HIS FIRST FLIGHT. IN which the writer tells and describes that how when and why a young seagull takes his first flight. believe me it is a beautiful and interesting story and you should have to read that.
Well coming back to my today,s article, yesterday i also told you that we attend a marriage ceremony of my friend and here i do not need to explain it again but today we attend the 2nd day of the marriage ceremony. ohhh its too much hot outside. it is a very tough day once again...
when we came back from the function at 6,o clock of the evening we all were really tired. i gone to my bed but could not sleep. MOM calls me to come there in the T.V lounge and take a cup of tea. i m very fond of taking tea especially in winter.
well coming back to the point when i was taking my cup of tea then i suddenly hear my elder brother and sister speaks very loudly because they are so happy to see Ayan taking his first flight. Ayan walks for more than six steps and then fall on the ground. when i saw him i ran towards him and cries with happiness. then i take him in my arms and kiss him. we all were very happy at that moment because we want to see him walking alone and now he has done it in a style. and at that moment the memories of that story HIS FIRST FLIGHT comes to my mind.
Hope you enjoyed my little effort of writing well.

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