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Sunday, 29 May 2011

sunday is funday

Hello and welcome to all of you who are here with me.its my second blog about Sunday life, in fact my Sunday life that how i spent my whole Sunday.
Well today i woke up at 4 am and offer my Fajar prayer. i was feeling cool and calmness after saying my prayer. after that i once again went to my bed and slept for 10 am. then there came some guests in my house actually they were not mine they were my elder brothers guests. and it was a planed gathering at our house. they decided one day before that what they will eat at Sunday morning. they ate a delicious Pakistani breakfast dish halwa pori. ohhh i forgot to tell you that we had not make it at home. we brought this from a hotel of gujrat city. well when i got up then it was all ready for me to eat my breakfast with Halwa pori. oooooo it was delicious, great taste. after that i played with ayan my nephew for quite a long time. we both made a lot of fun in the house. then i used internet for a while. and after that there comes my three little cousins. they wanted to watch a movie and i gave them permission to watch a movie. they enjoyed a movie 2012. it was about earth quakes. you should have to watch this.
After that i offered my Zuhar prayer and then took my lunch. then at 3 pm i went to my bed for taking rest. at 5 pm a offered my Asar prayer and then spent some time with my family and my nephew aayan and meerub.
Well this is my all Sunday. i really enjoyed my Sunday life. hope you all of...

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