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Monday, 23 May 2011

Pak Us relations heading towards divergence

Hello and welcome to all of you who are here...
The unilateral operation of the American special forces on abbotabad at usam,s hideaway has created a new tension and doubtful atmosphere for the future of Pak Us relations. No doubt this unilateral and unprecedented attack on the sovereignty of Pakistan will raise an issue and had already raised an issue in the American administration itself. Obama already lost the midterms and he may use and have started using this issue as political and for his 2012 elections. But the cooperation between CIA and ISI has come to an end at the moment. The government of Pakistan has also realized that they have to take some forceful and solid steps to make the sovereignty of Pakistan unquestionable. And no doubt it is the need of the hour. Us defense secretary Robert gates said that America humiliated Pakistan,s sovereignty. he also said
"If I were in Pakistani shoes, I would say I've already paid a price (for terrorist safe havens). I've been humiliated. I've been shown that the Americans can come in here and do this with impunity. I think we have to recognize that they see a cost in that and a price that has been paid," Gates told reporters at a Pentagon news conference.
This shows that obama did not take in to confidence the American administration.
and the new statement of obama that we can again attack on Pakistan... has also created a rift between the two countries.. and if America strike again then in my opinion Pakistan will definitely defend itself and fight for the sovereignty of their homeland.. so next few days are much more important in this regard.

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