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Friday, 13 May 2011

american threats to pakistan and responce of china and iran

After the incident of abbot abad the situation of world politics and peace is becoming more and more critical. its the time when the world should have to appreciate the roll of Pakistan on the war against terrorism. Pakistan had lost many lives after the incident of September 11. the economy of Pakistan is also effected by this war and the socioeconomic issues such as sugar water energy etc are the result of this war.
Yesterday the American officials stated that the time has come to talk with Pakistan in a serious way and Pakistan have to decide that they can continue as their allies on war against terrorism or not.actually they are under estimating the roll of Pakistan in this region and on war against terrorism.
mean while the neighboring country chine and the super power of worlds economy has also shown an aggressive tone and said that if US cross its boundaries than we are with Pakistan and give them tough time. Iran also join china and said we also contribute if America strikes against Pakistan.
so the situation of this region is becoming hard and hard due to the self interested policies of US and his allies. the next few days are very important in this regard

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