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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Pns mehran base attack and our sovereignty

Hello and welcome to all of you who are here with me...
Pakistan My dear homeland is passing through serious crisis at the moment and these crisis are our own created. why we are taking the dictations from outside Pakistan why we have put our sovereignty on risk because of others. why we have not taken the lesson from the past two decades or so. These questions must be addressed and one day the government should have to answer these.
After the abbotabad operation the Pakistani nation had to suffer through another trauma in the shape of MEHRAN BASE ATTACK on army. i do not like to ask that who is responsible for it because the Pakistani nation has it answer..and shame for the leaders that they do not know who is responsible for it or i think they are like a pigeon who close his eyes while see the cat coming towards him.
The Iranian president is the only brave leader left in the Muslim world.. he knows that if he drops his knees then the AMERICA and its allies do not spare him and his country.. he knows that his policies are right so there fore he stands in front of the worlds,s number one terrorist...
The Pakistani leaders should have to think again and think in a positive way because we are being used by others.

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