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Monday, 13 June 2011

The way through elections

Hello and welcome to all of you who are here with me, well first of all i m really thankful to all of you who gave such an importance to my ideas, views, and critical approach of writing on the issues.
Many philosophers, scholars and intellectuals of the great world says that election is the way towards prosperity, expansion and enlargement. i also appreciate the free and fair elections in any country. but to me it is not the way towards prosperity expansion and enlargement.until and unless the people of any country are not aware of the human rights , political interests and the difference between good and bad, election can,t prove a way towards progress.
Many underdeveloped countries and developing countries have this process for so many decades but they are still failed to improve their economy, the law and order situation, and specially they can not address the poverty and other such kind of basic necessary issues. On the other hand dictator ship in many countries gave much fruitful results. because they have the proper check and balance system.so the people should have to think about their own honesty and if they will make themselves honest then the situation of their country and the world could become better...

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