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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Ohhh Summer

Hello and welcome to all of you after a few weekends from me... hope you all missed me to a great extent... well as you all know that life,s journey is drawable and we can draw the good as well as some bad memories and incidents of our life at any stage.
Their are many weathers in one,s life. cool weather in the shape of happiness, enjoyment, peace, comfort and luxuries and hot weather in the shape of worries, sorrows and sufferings. these weathers have very close and long lasting effect on one,s life and we can feel it after a long long time in the journey of our life.
Hot weather sometimes comes in our life in the shape of summer also. Well it is an excerpt from the memories of my life.. summer life is very difficult and very enjoyable also it all depends on how we make it for ourselves.... the summer of subcontinent is very long as compared to winter.. when i was under 18 and not much busy in my routine life then i spent my summer in a different style, i went outside my village and sat under the shady trees with my friends, the shades of the trees i remember were very cool and a great source of time pass for all of us. we played games under the shades of the trees and enjoy our gupshup. you know what, some times we didn't wear the shirts and drops water on each other. some times when it was too much hot and people prayed for rain then we drop water on each other and wish that by doing this it may come rain after some time because we were very optimistic.
And the vacations of summer brings with them a lot of home work and tension but we got manage to complete our home work in the first few vacations. after that we were free and enjoy the summer.. i remember that my mother asked me to not to go outside at noon. we also used to go to the river bank and taking bath in the cold water. but it was become very dangerous sometimes when the water level is too much high. we ate mangoes and sometimes we stealth mangoes from the mango fields...it was really a great fun for all of us because we did not know what is right or wrong... and when their was rain then we enjoy it in the streets and roofs of our houses... we always miss our summer days.

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