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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Our Last Lecture

Hello and welcome to all of you who are here....
Today i will not discuss any issue regarding politics, terrorism, socioeconomic issues etc... Man is lucky from all other creatures of this world that God has blessed him with emotions, heart , patience, love, care, knowledge and many other blessings. but one bad luck is also with this beautiful creature. because it is also said that only the God himself is complete in every respect.
Well coming back to the bad luck of this man is.... man always thinks that his life is never ending...especially when is very happy with the luxuries, comforts and peace of the world.
It was our first day at university. we were very happy indeed. we think that now these two years will never end and we always live here with our friends, with our little and cute mistakes we will enjoy our university life.
then after some days we thought that we need friends whom we can enjoy and do other silly things.. we got our friends..but the mission continues.....
Mission and tension have very close relation.. we enjoyed dinner, parties and functions together... some in the very beginning found their goals and some continue trying... some understand others and some continues... some became enemy in the very start and some really good friends...
Now coming to parents... well they all are great gifts of God for us.. they feel us like their own children and friends. we also gave them love and respect.. but one,s again misunderstanding came between some parents and their children.. but in the end parents forgave their sons and daughter and showed that they are the real gifts of god for us.
Here i also want to mention a great person from whom we learn a lot in a very short period.. we wish they give some more lectures because they are a sort of change in our professional life. they teach us the art of surviving in this fast and furious world. he is the person who stands for 1.30 hours consistently and gave us unforgettable tips and lectures. he is the person who is the favorite of many of us. he is Sir yaqoob. A man with his own and special style.
There was also a gujrat a gujranwala and a kharian. wazirabad lala musa and some other were also there.. . Gujrat was hosting them and proves that gujraties love their guests and gave them respect. gujrat also feel little pain during 2 years but never utter a single word because he knows it was against the dignity of the host and also Gujraties.
Some love stories were also there and some break ups were also. but the struggle continues.. there was also a fine arts.. and according to my all male class mates fine arts is very beautiful and awesome. we also gave him a room in our house. because according to my friends there is loneliness in our house. but keep in mind they always shown their attitude because whom you love he can show you. its his right.
The preparations of first annual dinner had been started 2 to 3 weeks before. and the gujranwala got the role of decorating the party and set.. the kharian was in management and gujrat was only watching the face of both. ones again gujrat show his great ness and keep silent. But G.M Malik had shown his class by doing all the hard work. Zahid bilal ones again took the difficult task of thinking and saira saeed, rukhsana riaz, ali raza awan and munam shahzad also done their level best. Because mass communication had found many critics and opponents and it was a chance to redeem itself.
But according to some, mass communication must gave some SADQA OR KHAIRAT because when ever he arranges any function the troubles came in the way. what a co incident the rain ones again came and demolished the beautiful set of mass communication. but people enjoyed the function.
We celebrated birthdays together.. we played cricket matches we take part in sports gala,s. Mass communication also launched FM 106.06 which was an effort by the philosopher thinker and a great person One and only Zahid bilal.
Then some seasons of exams also came but really enjoyed. the back door of P block will also remain in the memories and those stairs are the victim of all birth days.
Then there came the season of sadness loneliness solitude isolation and seclusion when the journey of companion ships came to an end but it was not the end of companion ships...
The opportunity of last lecture ones again came in the part of Great Man Sir Zahid Bilal. they said good bye in style, invite all of us at tea and listen some songs and songs of the memories.
In the very start i said god has blessed the man with so many blessing.. but the only bad luck is that man thinks That the happy journey and dreams will never come to end...
LOVE YOU Sir Ashraf iqbal
LOVE YOU sir Zahid bilal
LOVE YOU sir Yaqoob
LOVE YOU mis Rukhsana riaz
LOVE YOU mis Saira saeed
LOVE YOU mis Fiaza bajwa
LOVE YOU sir Ali raza awan
LOVE YOU sir G.M malik
LOVE YOU sir Munam shahzad
LOVE YOU Bashir sahib


MY EYES ARE FULL OF WATER BUT HAVE TO LEAVE................................................................................................ WASIF YOUSAF ROLL NUMBER 09020716-057

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  1. well!u rightly said that its man's bad luck........we have to leave our dear ones, but they always remain in our memories...