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Monday, 20 June 2011

Good Morning Pakistan

Hello and welcome to all of you,
The rationale of Pakistan is something which is not easy to understand by those who have small brains and lack of positive thoughts. The country which is made on the name of Islam will remain always and no one have the power and abilities to demolish this fort of Islam.
Come on Pakistani,s come on get up and do some thing different for the Muslims and all the religions of the world. you are the only hope to bring peace and happiness in the world. the world is under estimating you and your abilities. they have a thought that you are fragile now and you can not stand up on your feet. i just believe you can do each and every thing. you can clean every sin, you can beat every enemy.
If you can make the atomic bomb than you also can protect you atomic resources. if you can make missile,s like Abdali , Ghori , Shaheen and Hataf then you can fly in the skies. if you have the 2nd biggest water dam then you can make many other dams.
Just wake up, remember you GOD and put hands into hands. that is the time for the tigers to wake up and tell the world the glories of Islam. tell the world that we are not the terrorist we are the peace full nation of the world. we have done a lot for others and we will do in the future also. but who tries to stand in front of us we will not spare him. we are the best. PAKISTAN IS THE BEST.

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