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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Joss stone vs Usama bin laden

Hello and welcome to all you.. well first of all i am really really sorry to all of you because of my long weekend. i also missed you for a big time and now i am back with you. i have heard a roar in the last few days about the issue of joss stone a famous British singer that some robbers or killers try to kidnap her and kill her.
The thing induced me to write about this issue is the deep concern of the west and Americans about this incident. they all register their deep sorrow over it but if we go a month back then what happened in abbotabad Pakistan. The Americans humiliated Pakistan and the sovereignty of Pakistan, did it not an issue of concern for the west? did it not an issue of terrorism for the western media? did Americans not challenged the sovereignty of Pakistan. It must be an issue of deep concern for the western educated and high class citizens.
If these policies of the west will continue for another three to four years then it will be really harmful for the peace and sovereignty of the west as well as the world. because these issues and policies of the west will force the Muslims and anti west countries to think and think for their own sovereignty.
If west ask usama a terrorist then on the other hand the Muslims also praise him for his struggle for the uplift of Islam and Muslim ummah. because he stands in front of the cruelties and terrorism of America and west. so these two way policies must be checked and checked soon.

Also keep in mind a singer has much more importance in the west then the hero of the world Usama.

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