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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Is this a turning Point?

Wasif Chudhary

The economy of Pakistan is drowning day by by. Pakistan Railway is collapsed because of the wrong policies of the Govt. Pakistan International Airlines is also drowning after each passing day. In a report it is told that PIA is loosing six crore Rupees daily, because it has neither Aero plans nor the income to run it. And third one is Pakistan Steel Mill which is recognized as the main pillar of Pakistan economy is also bankrupting due to the lack of vision and lack of stable policies of the Current Govt.
The Govt has no money for the pensioners, and the prices of eat able and use able things like Sugar, Cooking Oil and Petrol and Diesel are out of control. Electricity and Gas remains the challenges for the Govt for the very first day but the Govt failed to meet with them.
In the above mentioned scenario the Opposition Parties of Pakistan, Muslim League N and Tehrik-i-Insaf has launched their campaigns to derail the Govt and for the next elections.
The corruption allegations are once more on many Peoples Party leaders. And luck is also not favouring the ruling elite. The letter which was written to US to cooperate for the long term of the Present Govt was unluckily become the Question for the life of the Govt.
Supreme Court of Pakistan give 15 days to the Parties which are involved in this game in any means.One cannot forget the inner challenges which the PPPP Govt is facing now. Major leaders are not only leaving the Party but also criticising badly.In this regard you can say the Present Government is at the last breath of its life.

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