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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Every fifth American woman victim of sexual violence

Wasif Chudhary

According to a survey conducted in the United States one of every five women will become victims of sexual violence at some point in life is.
Disease Control and Prevention in the United States government agency, a report prepared by the victim of abuse half the women said their partner or spouse's current or former victims of sexual violence.
Sexual abuse refers to the U.S. state of intoxication or force is called the sexual relationship.
One of every seven men reported their partner had experienced physical violence at the hands of a serious nature.
During this reporting year, two thousand ten, more than eighteen thousand American men and women are drawn from the statistics.
Reported in the U.S. during the second quarter the sexual abuse, violence or are victims of pursuit.
"The sexual violence, violence by pursuing their own face life and its impact on all of their lives."
Dr. Linda dygts
According to the survey results during a period of twelve months, one million women have come forward with sexual abuse cases, more than six million men and women were followed one hundred and twenty thousand men and women from their own sexual abuse, physical violence or complaint to be pursued.
America won the Center for Injury and knrul called pryuynsn adadry dygts Director Dr. Linda said, "The sexual violence, violence by pursuing their own face life and its impact on all of their lives."
The results of the data due to concerns about protecting victims of violence and increased risk of mental stress has increased.
Women who have been victims of sexual abuse or assault was a victim of them, intolerance, diabetes, frequent headaches, ending suffering, and medical problems such as sleep dusuary fear is born.
The men, one of every seven victims of sexual violence or attempted to do with it.
Twenty-five percent of men reported at least ten years been victims of sexual violence.

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