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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Future of Tehrik-i-Insaf and Imran Khan

Wasif Chudhary

If we talk about the political scenario of Pakistan then one major name which is not so familiar before the last four to six months in the Pakistani politics but now is every where, the Newspapers are incomplete with it, the talk shows are boring and meaningless with out its participation and the charm of many youngsters faces especially the students, is Tehrik-i-Insaf.
Imran khan especially after his address to a large Mass in Minar-i-Pakistan is looking very comfortable and compose in the Pakistani Political system, he is talking about the Sonami(flood) of the People which will destroy the corrupt people who are eating this country like a beast.
He is talking about the Change in the Country.

Today I have read out a sentence from Imran khan that the "Power Full Elite of the Country doesn't want a society based on Justice"
I feel afraid that Imran Khan is still not comfortable with his Position in the Political System. Will he break the shekels in the near future or not? is the Question of the hour.

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