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Monday, 26 December 2011

A Day After Christmas

Wasif Chudhary

Retailers liken the day after Christmas to Black Friday. The massive return and refund day is set to get started Monday morning.

Chesterfield Mall is quiet early Monday morning, but that certainly won’t be the case later in the day. All kinds of customers are sure to make their way to retailers across the country.

From Christmas returns to shoppers using gift cards, to others looking for attractive day-after-Christmas sales, malls are sure to be packed.
Many stores will be opening early. Some opened as early as 5:00am. Chesterfield Mall officially opens at 8:00am, but some of the major stores opened at 7:00am.

This could be a banner day after Christmas shopping day for retailers.

A survey done by the National Retail Federation in mid-December predicted a 3.8% rise in holiday sales to a record $469.1 billion.

The site ShopperTrak predicts that foot traffic at stores Monday will be up 60 percent compared to the day after Christmas last year.

An American Express survey says 57 percent of Americans plan to shop on this day after Christmas compared with 43 percent last year.

Experts say one reason for the expected big shopping day Monday, compared with last year is that it falls on a Monday instead of a Sunday when many people spend time with family.

Another reason is that some people are delaying at least a portion of their holiday spending until after Christmas.

Additionally, many people have Monday off work.

For those returning items Monday, experts with Consumer Reports are advising customers to keep stickers, labels and tags intact. Most importantly, if you’re going to return something, try and have that receipt

Consumer Reports Senior Editor Todd Marks explains, “Without a gift receipt or a regular receipt, you're going to get back either a merchandise credit, or you're going to be reimbursed the lowest amount the item sold for, not necessarily what you paid for it.”

Consumer Reports also says some retailers will allow you to return or exchange merchandise that was bought online in their regular stores. Check the store’s website for details.

When it comes to electronics, you could face a repackaging fee if you try and take back any opened item.

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