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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Luscious Things

Luscious means having a delicious and fine taste. It also means excessively sweet,sexually attractive and richly luxurious or appealing to the senses.
For example a chocolate cake with a luscious whipped cream topping and a luscious strawberry bursting with juice. Its first Known Use was perhaps in 15th century.
Luscious Cosmetics is an international beauty brand offering luxury quality products with innovative formulas and glamorous packaging.The products are formulated especially for South Asian skin tones while following global fashion trends and cutting-edge technology. Since its launch in 2007 Luscious Cosmetics has gained a cult following among celebrities and makeup addicts alike, attaining the status of one of the largest selling beauty brands in South Asia.
This season, Luscious Cosmetics storms the market with a set of brand new products!
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One of the best things about the brand is that it is strictly do not contain animal products and the brand do not engage in animal testing.

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