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Monday, 1 August 2011

Prayer times and Holy Month of Ramadan

Wasif Chudhary

The Muslims of the world Pray Five times a day, Fajar prayer is right before the sun rise, then Zuhar prayer is at the time when the sun was right over the head and the timing is 1pm to 2pm, Asar prayer is 1:30 hours before the sun set, Maghrib prayer is right at the sun set and its duration of saying is also very short, mean just under 15 to 20 minutes time we can say our prayer other wise the time is gone, and then the last prayer of the day Isha prayer. ( note: The timings of the prayers may not be same as i mentioned)
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) went to the Heavens to meet the Almighty Allah, God gave his beloved Prophet a prize of fifty 50 prayers.. Prophet (PBUH)came back from heaven and then went back for many times, and each time Allah Almighty reduces five 5 prayers and in the end there remain just five 5 prayers. Allah Almighty said O Prophet (PBUH) these five prayers are equal to fifty 50 prayers.
Ramzan is the name of Islamic month and it is the month of blessings, God forgives his people in this month and the angels of God are every where from land to heaven..God says that there is anyone who come and ask for forgiveness and i will forgive him.
In Ramzan the people do not eat and drink any thing from the Fajar Prayer to the Maghrib Prayer, they say their prayers regulary, they do not tease or harm to any one and live patiently... And it is called FAST.. (ROZA)
Islam is a religion of Peace, and Blessings

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  1. i am israr ch from sabowal gujrat.i read ur very religious beautiful lesson of muslims and i am very glad to know about the messages of ramazan.i pray for you to write like this and may improve it,god bless you.