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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Dr. Aafia sidiqui Prisoner 650

Wasif Chudhary

Compare these two pictures, these are of the same person. And these both pictures had been made in the gap of less than 10 Years....
These pictures will show you the right face of the State which ask himself the most civilized among all other nations, the state which always praise himself as one of the most enlightened state,,, It is United States of America.

Dr Aafia Sidiqui a highly educated woman of Pakistan, who did her PhD from the American universities..A great researcher has been in the American Prison for more than 5 five year or so.
Her whereabouts were reported to have been unknown for more than five years, until she was arrested in July 2008 in Afghanistan.Amnesty International monitored the trial for fairness.Four British Parliamentarians called the trial a grave miscarriage of justice which violated the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution as well as the United States' obligations as a member of the United Nations, and demanded Siddiqui's release. In a letter to Barack Obama, they stated that there was a lack of scientific and forensic evidence tying Siddiqui to the weapon she allegedly fired.Many of Siddiqui's supporters, including some international human rights organizations, have claimed that Siddiqui was not an extremist and that she and her young children were illegally detained, interrogated and tortured by US intelligence during her five-year disappearance.
Who is responsible for this brutal, wicked and vicious imprisonment.


  1. nice work. but i wana suggest one thing that please give more information about it to aware the people about the behavior of USA regarding human rights that how much USA violate the human rights. keep it up

  2. great work.....i think our government is responsible for that....