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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Vikes have trade for McNabb

Wasif chudhary
After some talk throughout the day of a potential deal, it looks like it is on. McNabb’s age and salary drove down the price, and according to Jay Glazer, it looks like the deal is for a 6th round pick in 2012 and possibly another 6th rounder in 2013. The deal is contingent on McNabb, who is due a large bonus, agreeing to renegotiate the deal and take less money.
The Washington Redskins, Vikings and Donovan McNabb have a preliminary agreement in place for the veteran quarterback to be traded to Minnesota, sources told ESPN.
The compensation issues that were the stumbling blocks to the trade appear to be resolved.
The one sticking point now appears to be McNabb's concern Tuesday night about how the Vikings' side of the situation was handled. Sources said there were some in the organization who expressed a preference in acquiring quarterback Tyler Thigpen, who since has agreed to terms with the Buffalo Bills.
McNabb will be making far less than the $14.75 million he would have been due from the Redskins, but it is not clear how much he will be paid, and how any incentives would alter his compensation....
But do the players are a trade markeet?

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