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Saturday, 30 July 2011

America is heading towards Destruction

Wasif Chudhary

New York Times said in an article with the title of Take an account from Pakistan that the days of giving aid from America to Pakistan have gone now. The news paper also writes that after getting information about Bin Laden, America did an operation and in return the Pakistani GOVT sent back the American Military trainers.
The news paper also writes that Islamabad should consider its decisions because the Americans scale of bearing is about to fill up. And if this continues then the both sides should have to pay a huge.
The news paper also writes that to freeze the full army aid is also harmful for America. The news paper also mention that in this case the cooperation from Islamabad to beat Al Qaida and Talban will come to an end.
The news paper also writes that the America need Pakistan to supply for their NATO soldiers. And if there is any chance to make political talks with Talban, then Pakistan is also very important.
On the other hand Chairman joints chief of staff Admiral Mike Molan said that i don,t know that shall we pay our soldiers in time or not?
So the situation is very difficult and demanding for the Americans. Can they survive?

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