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Monday, 11 July 2011

US freeze aid of Pak Army.

Hi, yesterday i listened that the US Government has suspended the aid of Pak Army of worth $800 million...the tension between the two allies have been rising since the 2nd may operation from the American special forces which killed ALQAIDA leader Usama bin Laden.. (American,s claimed).. After Abbot abad operation the Pakistani officials confirmed that the copperation between the CIA and ISI has been come to an end at the moment. While Islamabad recently expelled more than 90 American military trainers from the country and tightened visa procedures for CIA officials.
Major general Akhtar Abbas said the provision of aid with conditions is not acceptable," "We don’t have to qualify on [a] daily basis and remain in the talk that when we qualify only then it [aid] will be resumed or it will be provided. “
Some analysts say the suspension in aid will have an impact on the already deteriorating relations between the United States and Pakistan.
Former Pakistani ambassador to Washington, Maleeha Lodhi, says such punitive actions by the United States may not be productive in the long run.
White House Chief of Staff William Daley told ABC's This Week program Sunday that Pakistan has taken some steps that have given the United States reason to pause some of its aid to the military.
So this is the story from the centre, and one must be thinking like me that what are the conditions that the Americans set for Pak Army and Pak Government.
To me the relations between the two counries will not come back on track now... and the upcoming months or really difficult and testing for the American,s and Obama Government....

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