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Friday, 22 July 2011

Who is responsible for Norway attack,

Terror came home to Norway on Friday. A bomb was detonated near the prime minister's office in Oslo and a gunman attacked a political youth camp on the island of Utoya. In the end, at least 87 people were killed, a nation was traumatized, and the world was again riveted by a terrorist attack experienced indirectly, but in real time, on television news reports and in 140 character bits via Twitter.
Initial speculation that al Qaeda might have been involved has not been disproved, but was unsubstantiated and therefore premature. The only person thus far implicated in the attack was a Norwegian citizen who may have been associated with right-wing political activists, but it is not clear whether he was working alone or why he conducted such a merciless assault.

Just read the above paragraph and think honestly that on the one side the Norway citizen is the only responsible for this attack, who is a political activist, and they may have some political clashes and on the other hand some of the westerns are also arguing that may be Al Qaeda is involve in this attack......
i can do nothing but only can smile on the intellectualism of the western propaganda makers.....

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