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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Jerry Sandusky hearing date set to determine how much information prosecutors must share

Wasif Chudhary

Jerry Sandusky says he cannot answer questions as he leaves the Centre County courthouse following a hearing on several issues, including two requests: one, from the prosecution, for an out-of-county jury; the other, from the defense, for loosened bail conditions for Sandusky. JOE HERMITT, The Patriot-News
Last week, Sandusky's attorney Joe Amendola asked Cleland to force prosecutors to turn over more information they uncovered during their investigation, including times, locations and days of the weeks of the assaults prosecutors allege Sandusky committed. Amendola also wants "the identity of the individuals who were present at the location or in close proximity ... when the alleged illegal activity occurred ... ."

The state Attorney General's office responded Monday in a filing say they aren't required to turn over psychological evaluations regarding purported victims, or juvenile arrest records for someone who isn't a "charged victim" in the case.

Cleland hopes to resolve the issues in time to maintain the scheduled May 14 trial date.

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