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Saturday, 3 March 2012

If that,s humanity then I am not human

Wasif Chudhary
A person who is working and serving a businessman for more than eighteen ("18")years was working happily yesterday in his factory, he has no thoughts about the cruelty of night, he was devoted in the morning, he was enjoying his work in the afternoon but when night came his owner asked him that he dismiss him from the job because the company have no need of its services now.
Ohhhhh Alas........... what I had done wrong in my life. From where I will bring for my children. They even didn't give me a time to arrange some other source for me and my little children.
He went to his house after giving 12 hours continues service. His feelings were dead. His eyes were full of water. When he reached home in the darkness of the night he didn't tell to his children and wife. He even didn't eat his meal. He was just silent with the decision of his luck.
He didn't wake in the morning.
He was dead....

Please think for others if you are human

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