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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

RIP Davy Jones, Monkees Singer And Pop Idol

Wasif Chudhary

Davy Jones, lead singer of '60s pop sensations and television band The Monkees has died at the age of 66 in his hometown of Indiantown, Florida, according to the Martin County medical examiner's office. He suffered a heart attack.
The Monkees were created initially to be a sort of "safe" Beatles by record and TV producers in 1965, but ended up making hit singles, a cult TV series, and a film, 1968's Head, which would prove to be one of the first salvos of the psychedelic era. The film stands even today as one of the freakiest artifacts of that era.

The group broke up in 1971, and reunited in the mid-'80s around the time Nickelodeon began re-airing their series. They went on a few tours, sans Michael Nesmith who never warmed up to reunion plans.

The list of the Monkees hits, staples of oldies radio, is immense. "I'm A Believer", written by Neil Diamond, was one of their most enduring, along with their stomping debut "Last Train to Clarksville". They also could make the girls swoon with cuts like "Daydream Believer" and "The Girl I Knew Somewhere". Just ask Marcia Brady...

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