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Monday, 2 January 2012

Human Being a Journey from Wood Weapons to Nuclear Weapons

Wasif Chudhary

Human Being is one of the great Living things of the earth. Man is different by other beings in various ways. He is intelligent, intellectual and hard working. He is restless and had done many wanders on the earth since he is created. He has learnt Civilization. He had learned to make homes. He had learned the art of earning his livelihood. He learned to make Big Industries and Industrial Estates. All and All we can say he had done every thing for the comfort of his life.
But when he made thing for his comfortableness, that time he made some weapons for his survival from the wild beasts. But what happens after that? After that he start using these weapons against himself. He had produced energy but what happens after that? He made Nuclear and Atomic Bombs.
He started his life to make things for his comfortable life but in the end he used these thing to destruct himself.
Just think a Little for the sake of this precious Human Being

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